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Scale Spacecraft Modelling This is the best book ever published on the subject of scale spacecraft modelling It is well written, very well illustrated, and very much up to date Many congrats to Mr Irvine for the production of this fine work. Rockets And Spacecraft Were Among The Very First Models Made As Commercial Kits, And Although Never As Numerous As Aircraft, Ships Or Road Vehicles, The Many Kits Produced Over The Years Provide A Fascinating Niche In The World Of Model Making The Build Ups In This Book Reflect The Current Situation With Spacecraft Modelling Although There Are Still A Number Of Conventional All Plastic Kits Available, There Is Also A Growing Range That Uses Specialist Materials, Especially Resins The Book Explains The Various Techniques Required When Dealing With These Non Traditional Materials Scale Spacecraft Modelling Also Covers Scratch Building And Adaptation, The Techniques Needed To Make Those Pristine Models Really Dirty To Match The Ones You See In The Movies, And The Design And Construction Of Realist Dioramas And Settings This was a book that was much better than I expected I started modeling space back in the early sixties with Revell s 1 48 Mercury and Gemini Mat s book covers everything old and new, from styrene plastic to resin and even paper models His tips are invaluable This book makes the difference between a so so model and a real looker that captures people s attention A must for the space modeler. Scale Spacecraft Modellingis a must have for anyone interested in modelling It has something for everyone whether its paper or card modeling all the way to the specialty kits made from resin This is neither a beginner not advanced book, but written so every modeler no matter what their expertise will get something from it Besides chapters dealing with tools needed, plastic, card and resin models chapters also include weathering your kit, building dioramas, and scratchbuilding a futuristic Mars habitat ship.It is a natural segue from hisCreating Space The Story of the Space Age Through Models Apogee Books Space Series book Highly recommended. Modeling spacecraft, both historical and fictional, is a niche within the modeling world This book speaks to those interested in that niche It covers such diverse topics various modeling materials, scrounging to make what is desired from what is available, painting, decaling and, especially, sources for obscure materials and kits.This is dedicated primarily to static models and not the flying ones but can be useful for the latter crowd as well.It is a British publication but is applicable for all.

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