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Secret Army: Book 3 (Henderson's Boys) (English Edition) Mucha S Plain, Punchy,often Funny Style Is Highly Effective This Clever, Tense Novel Is A Great Way Of Getting Bored Boys Interested In History The Escape Amanda Craig, The Times It Has The Feel Of Something Quite Big And SatisfyingMucha S Voice Is Fresh And Direct The Escape The Daily Telegraph Mixes Espionage And Gritty Realism When Dealing With Children In The Midst Of A War Waterstones Quarterly, March This Book Was Un Putdownable It Gripped Me From Start To Finish, And Was Just As Good As The CHERUB Series, If Not Better The Escape Aaron First News Praise For Books In The CHERUB Series Punchy, Exciting, Glamorous And, What S , You Ll Completely Wish It Was True The Sunday ExpressThe Very First CHERUB Adventure Is About To Begin

5 thoughts on “Secret Army: Book 3 (Henderson's Boys) (English Edition)

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    This is much better than the CHERUB series Don t get me wrong the CHERUB books are good, although the language is bad sometimes Hendersons Boys are fast paced, historic and factual You can learn m

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    This is a great book and I really enjoyed it It has a lot of action and plenty of adventure.

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    teenage son enjoys the series

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    bought this book for my three nephew they love reading the book and now my nieces are reading the book.

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    Good book

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