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Seraphina I have to agree with other reviewers that there is a certain lyricism to this story which unfolds with each chapter It was a pleasure to experience.I will admit that I found certain points of the story were sacrificed for this out Iyricism namely, vocabulary some words were simply spelled differently instead of actually being language based differences donjon vs dungeon while others made me constantly reference a dictionary so I could determine if the word was real or just something the author came up with I think maybe 1 3 were actual words and the other 2 3 were spelling adaptations or made up for the story This process of looking up vocabulary grew frustrating over time.I also found the story to be slow iving, lacking a lot of action or activity by the characters We spend so much time in Phina s head instead of experiencing her life I would have appreciated dialogue or active plot movement and fewer similes and metaphors For what happened, I feel like the book should have cut at least 75 pages.Finally, I felt like the romance just suddenly happened She spends her little time with Lucian, though they seem friendly and you know where it will go then suddenly she s saying she is in love with him and it s so out of the blue it s jarring I started wondering if I had missed some pivotal scenes or something, but no, she really does just flip a switch and loves him.To summarize, I would recommend this book to readers looking for something slower pace with a plot about a girl dealing with a bad self image and learning to like herself I don t intend to read book 2 right now for the reasons noted above, but for those looking for a well written YA fantasy that doesn t have a girl lose her mind over a guy, I suggest giving this a try. As I wrote in my review of Tess of the Road, I was so enthusiastic about this universe, and writer that before I finished the book, I d bought the first two in the series I can report that the first of these, Seraphina, did not disappoint.We have a universe where humans and dragons co exist After a long history of warfare between them, there has been a treaty, and while each group remains ambivalent about the other, the peace has held for many years And then the king s son is killed, and it looks as if a dragon did the deed, threatening the fragile peace.In the center of all this is Seraphina, a musician, tutor to Princess Glisselda, and a half breed half dragon, half human Common knowledge says she should not exist, but Seraphina is never one to be led by what is supposed to happen She s a fiercely independent woman, who keeps her secret almost to protect her family than anything else since relations between humans and dragons are illegal The dragons do not even speak Seraphina s mother s name, so enormous was her shame at marrying a human.This is a very different Seraphina from the one we meet in the book about Tess, because she is the point of view character, and not filtered through Tess perceptions of her She was a bit of a cypher in the later book, but here she is vivid and engaging She s a woman who tries hard to do the right thing, but in the end she follows her instincts rather than the letter of the law It doesn t always work out perfectly her heart leads her into some spectacular muddles but we re with her, wishing her well And never once did I find myself yelling Don t be so stupid at her, which is something I do far too often with protagonists.Hartman s writing is a delight Not only can she tell a story, but her use of language is creative and often hilarious When I met Lucian Kiggs, prince of Goredd and Seraphina s love interest, his surname made me giggle it s not at all a romantic hero s name And yet I think that may be one of the reasons why he is so named Hartman likes to play against expectations I also got a kick out of Dame Okra Carmine Not that the names are over the top goofy They just have enough humor threaded through them that the narrative never becomes histrionic In fantasy that s a fine line, and I think Hartman walks it pretty well.I ve already started the second book, and I look forward to watching Seraphina grow into all this amazing promise she holds I want to see her relationships develop now that she is allowed to be who she is I think she s going to crush it. Lyrical, Imaginative, And Wholly Original, This New York Times Bestseller With Starred Reviews Is Not To Be Missed Rachel Hartmans Award Winning Debut Will Have You Looking At Dragons As Youve Never Imagined Them Before Seraphina Is A Half Dragon, Descended From A Dragon Mother Who Took Human Form And A Father Who Has No Particular Fondness For Seraphinas Kind Not That Anyone Else Does Either Hers Is A World Where Dragons And Humans Live And Work Side By Sidebut Below The Surface, Tensions And Hostilities Are On The Rise Seraphina Guards Her True Self With All Of Her Being, But When A Member Of The Royal Family Is Brutally Murdered, Shes Suddenly Thrust Into The Spotlight, Drawn Into The Investigation Alongside The Dangerously Perceptive Prince Lucian As The Two Uncover A Sinister Plot To Destroy The Wavering Peace Of The Kingdom, Seraphinas Struggle To Protect Her Secret Becomes Increasingly Difficult And Its Discovery Could Mean Her Very Life Will Appeal To Both Fans Of Christopher Paolinis Eragon Series And Robin McKinleys The Hero And The Crown Entertainment Weekly A Lush, Intricately Plotted Fantasy The Washington Post Beautifully Written Some Of The Most Interesting Dragons I Ve Read Christopher Paolini, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Eragon Meet Seraphinas Sister, Tess, In Rachel Hartmans Brand New Fantasy Adventure, Tess Of The Road

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