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Shadow Scale Incredibly unsatisfying follow up to Seraphina, which instantly became a favorite of mine It feels like it was forced or that she was pressured to get the book done in a time frame that didn t enable her to shine to the best of her abilities While Seraphina gave us action, social and political commentary, and many engaging characters, it seemed like Shadow Scale simply plodded along, trapped in a plot outside of what should have really been the focus The trip to gather up the other half dragons was painstakingly slow and took up the majority of the book the conclusion was highly unsatisfactory, with none of the characters ending up truly contented at the end Hartman attempted, I believe, to maneuver the text into a place so that readers could understand and embrace that duty comes first but it didn t feel like there was heart behind that decision So instead, we see an ending with many beloved characters pretty miserable and without much purpose in their lives. I wanted to write a review of this because the existing reviews discouraged me from reading it for four years, which I now regret very much, but also, I think, primed me to enjoy it as much as I did, which I don t regret at all I am hoping to accomplish the latter while only discouraging people who actually won t like it.Seraphina in part played around with the themes of logic and emotion and whether love is worth spectacularly defying the expectations of your family and culture From there, I think it would be a reasonable guess that this book is a book about how Seraphina and Lucian s love conquers all, where you get to see them spend a lot of time kissing and agonizing over whether to tell Glisselda and then they tell the truth and get married and live happily ever after As it turns out, this book is not that book If that is the only sequel to Seraphina that you want to read, don t read this one You will not be able to to twist it around in your head until it becomes that book, and you will be disappointed.This book focuses on different characters and different themes than the first book If it is a love story, it is one about the communities we create for ourselves than about romantic love between Seraphina and Lucian That is not to say that their love triangle isn t addressed at all, just that it isn t the main story line.That said, if you like Hartman s writing style, this book was clearly written by the same person The author who gave us the compelling characters we fell in love with in Seraphina constructed the new characters in Shadow Scale, and you may find them just as compelling I did.I also wanted to comment on a couple of other aspects a yes, fully half this book is spent searching for the people in Seraphina s garden That sounded boring to me and it clearly bored some people, but I was pleasantly surprised by how little fluff was actually included in those scenes b The ending The current first review ends with, So instead, we see an ending with many beloved characters pretty miserable and without much purpose in their lives I hope I can say without spoiling anything that this was not my interpretation in any way, shape, or form I don t think that it is an invalid interpretation, but I think it s misleading to imply that it is the only interpretation.TL DR If you really like Hartman s writing style, you may greatly enjoy this book, but don t go into it expecting it to be a fairy tale romance between Seraphina and Lucian. I read Seraphina and enjoyed it It was a moving story with strong characters and plot development I had high hopes that this sequel story would be a good conclusion to all the loose ends and cliff hangers Boy was I wrong I spent days reading since I am a busy mother of many children and have limited time , at first avidly, slowly excusing the increasing shortcomings, growing concerned, and then the ending confirmed all my fears I can t tell you a single thing done right I was very disappointed. Shadow Scale opens up the world of Seraphina on a much epic scale The story begins with the dragon civil war, but it also takes us through the different kingdoms as Seraphina goes around gathering other ityasaari half dragons like her While the dragons are fighting their war, the human kingdoms are also having upheavals regarding their leadership and how their relations with Tanamoot would be continued The story takes into it several threads, and brings them all together in an amazing finale.Seraphina s story had begun with her getting caught up in human dragon politics and now she is becoming sort of an ityasaari ambassador of Goredd to other kingdoms She ventures out, along with the others, to collect the other ityasaari so that they can protect the kingdom and aid in the civil war At first, I thought it was a thin excuse to have her going around meeting everyone, but soon as one of the half dragons from her garden starts to take centrestage, the real stakes of the story are established Jannoula, who Seraphina had locked away in her mind, is reaching out to the other half dragons, and her presence during the dragon civil war is not a good sign Seraphina faces the challenge of standing against a powerful ityasaari whom she had barely outwitted the last time, and as Jannoula s influence spreads, Seraphina s allies keep dwindling Coupled with this is the question that we had been asking in Seraphina about how rare the ityasaari are.While Seraphina takes us through each kingdom, Ninys, Sam Sam and then Porphyria, we see how the attitudes towards the dragons shapes the ityasaari in each kingdom Ninys and Sam Sam are vehemently anti dragon, the latter so, and the half dragons there live a life of seclusion In Porphyria, however, they are given amnesty, so their treatment is different Even so, existing political ties to Tanamoot mean that the saars living in exile there also are invested in the outcome of the dragon civil war Seraphina s challenge is to get her allies to cooperate on a single objective, and to prevent Goredd from being ravaged by dragon armies and the new leadership of Sam Sam The ending was a bit surprising, and considering the way it was basically a Deus Ex Machina, I also felt it was wrapped up too easily The buildup until that point had promised a much intense climactic scene than we got, but that worked, too, in a way.As for the world, as I said before, we get a much complex and detailed building in this one Much of what had already been established in Seraphina is now further examined in the light of new revelations Also, I loved Porphyria very much, particularly because of their open attitude towards dragons, and a much inclusive society In Seraphina, we had come across Lars and Viridius being Daanites as in, gay but here, in Porphyria, seven genders are accepted, and there is also a trans secondary character There is also, in fact, a minor arc about gender identity and asking for pronouns, and not assuming anyone s gender, which I really liked.When it came to the romance, however, Shadow Scale took the less is approach Yes, Kiggs is still a love interest for Seraphina but their relationship is on the DL for Glisselda s sake Even so, at the end, that part is resolved in a very nice manner, befitting the relationship these three characters have with each other I wish it had been explicit about it, rather than leave it to subtext and one line that had me going umm, please explain Suffice to say, I agree with Seraphina that it is their business but still, as a reader, I can t help but feel a little robbed of a clearly defined resolution to that love triangle.Overall, this book is an epic journey and a fitting sequel finale to Seraphina Seraphina Took The Literary World By Storm With Starred Reviews And Numerous Best Of Lists At Last, Her Eagerly Awaited Sequel Has Arrivedand With It Comes An Epic Battle Between Humans And Dragons The Kingdom Of Goredd A World Where Humans And Dragons Share Life With An Uneasy Balance, And Those Few Who Are Both Human And Dragon Must Hide The Truth Seraphina Is One Of These, Part Girl, Part Dragon, Who Is Reluctantly Drawn Into The Politics Of Her World When War Breaks Out Between The Dragons And Humans, She Must Travel The Lands To Find Those Like Herselffor She Has An Inexplicable Connection To All Of Them, And Together They Will Be Able To Fight The Dragons In Powerful, Magical Ways As Seraphina Gathers This Motley Crew, She Is Pursued By Humans Who Want To Stop Her But The Most Terrifying Is Another Half Dragon, Who Can Creep Into Peoples Minds And Take Them Over Until Now, Seraphina Has Kept Her Mind Safe From Intruders, But That Also Means Shes Held Back Her Own Gift It Is Time To Make A Choice Cling To The Safety Of Her Old Life, Or Embrace A Powerful New Destiny Praise For Seraphina A New York Times Bestseller An Indie Bestseller Winner Of The William C Morris Debut Award Winner Of The Cybil Award For Teen Fantasy And Science Fiction An Top Teen Book Of The Year A Chicago Public Library Best Book Of The Year A Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Book Of The Year A School Library Journal Best Book Of The Year A Library Journal Best Young Adult Literature For Adults Selection A Booklist Editors Choice An ABA New Voices Pick A Publishers Weekly Flying Start Author An ALA ALSC Notable Childrens Book An ALA YALSA Top Ten Best Fiction For Young Adults Book Recipient Of Starred Reviews Beautifully Written, Well Rounded Characters, And Some Of The Most Interesting Dragons Ive Read In Fantasy For A Long While An Impressive Debut Novel I Cant Wait To See What Rachel Hartman Writes Next Christopher Paolini, New York Times Bestselling Author Of EragonA Novel That Will Appeal To Both Fans Of Christopher Paolinis Eragon Series And Robin McKinleys The Hero And The Crown Entertainment Weekly

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