[Download] ➵ Snow Star. Infantry&Artillery 1680-1730: 28mm paper soldiers ➾ Batalov Alexandr Nicolaevich – Vehikool.co.uk

Snow Star. Infantry&Artillery 1680-1730: 28mm paper soldiers The Northern Lands Are Huge And Harsh The Villagers Know What Real Winter Is The Army Of Snow Has For Centuries Protected The Rest From The Invasions Of Savages In This Era, The Army Of The North Was Transformed From A Feudal Militia Into A Regular Army.The Snow Star Borders On Land Only With River Raiders This Makes The Two Fractions Traditional Allies, But The Lands Of The Raiders Are Rich And Fertile Is It Time For The Northerners To Expand Their Possessions At The Expense Of Their Southern Neighbors The Album Contains 100 Colored Reamers For Self Made Figures Of Game Soldiers.The Fraction In This Album Is Fictitious, But The Reconstruction Was Carried Out In Compliance With The Traditions Of The Chosen Era Feel Free To Put Your Army Against Any Historical Enemy To Form An Army, Use Templates For Easten European Polish And Russian Armies, Which Are Given In The Selected Rules.Plastic Coasters Are Not Included In The Album With Paper Figures And Are Purchased Separately Collective Bases Are Made By Players Independently In Accordance With The Selected Rules Of The Game.

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