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Stuff You Should Know About Planet Earth How Do Hurricanes Form Why Does The Moon Change Shape What Are Tectonic Plates Youll Discover The Answer To These Questions And Many When You Step Inside The Inner Workingsof Planet Earth From Digging Deep Under The Ground To Floating To The Highest Layer Of The Atmosphere You Might Be Surprised Where You End UpIn This Fascinating Introduction To Planet Earth, Large, Colourful Diagrams Are Brought To Life By Tiny People Running Around Performing The Actions That Are Explained In The Text The Page Extent Allows For An In Depth Look At The Workings Of Our Planet, From The Water Cycle And The Atmosphere, To How The Seasons Change And Why Hurricanes Happen Double Gatefolds Give A Large Space In Which To Explore Complex Processes Such As The Rock Cycle And Evolution A Follow Up To The Successful Book, Stuff You Should Know About The Human Body

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