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Terminal The Gripping Finale To Kathy And Brendan Reichs New York Times Bestselling VIRALS Series The Virals Are Backbut Theyre Not The Only Pack In Town Any Terminal Finds Tory Brennan And The Rest Of The Morris Island Gang Tracking A Pack Of Rogue Virals Who Call Themselves The Trinity The New Pack Was Infected By A Strain Of Supervirus Created By Torys Nemesis And Sometimes Crush, Chance Clayborne, Who Accidentally Infected Himself, Too These Red Eyed Virals Have Openly Challenged Torys Pack For Domination Of Charleston, And Theyll Stop At Nothing To Bring Their Rivals Downeven If That Means Giving Them Up To A Shadowy Government Agency Intent On Learning The Secret To The Virals Powers Surviving It All Is Going To Test The Limits Of The Gangs Abilities In The Riveting Conclusion To The Virals Series, Tory And The Others Are Nearing An Impossible Choiceand The Ultimate Showdown

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    This last Virals novel sees the kids facing a group of rival Virals and trying to escape agents of some secret government agency that wants to uncover their secrets The first thing Tory, Hi, Shelton, and Ben have to do is find out who the other Virals are Those Virals have set a number of traps for our heroes with the goal of turning them over to the government agents.Their first suspicion is th

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    Review by Laura, one of Nayu s friends who absolutely adores the Bones TV series based on Kathy s book series.I have enjoyed reading the Virals series by Kathy Reichs and her son Brendan, so I was delighted when my lovely friend Nayu asked if I wanted to read the most recent instalment Following a great cliff hanger at the end of book four, Exposure, in which we learned that Chance Claybourne, a for

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    This book was so riveting, just like the others, I couldn t put it down But I realized you have to start with the first one and follow through the whole series so you understand what s going on and how things got to where they were I know this was meant for a younger audience, but nonetheless I want to read everything Kathy Reichs writes Enjiy

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    It hurt me to learn this would be the last book in my favorite series I practically grew up with the books, but everything has a beggining and an end I wish, delusionally, for another book to come after this Even if it is just short story of how it all ended But I believe I understand why it ended the way it did No matter how much time passes and other best sellers come to pass, the readers who loved this s

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    This is the most mature s book in the series to date Tori is growing up and becoming emotionally mature, along with the other characters, and the result is an evolution both in her actions and the tone of the novel While this book isn t as fast paced as previous novels in the series, it is a very enjoyable read and I have a hunch that it will serve as a segue into Virals adventures that are less early teen and

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