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Tess of the Road Tess Dombegh is the younger half sister of Seraphina, the champion of the two prior books set in this beautifully rendered world of saints and dragons, and it is Tess s story we pick up in this next chapter From the previous books, we know Seraphina s younger siblings mostly as bratty inconveniences for Seraphina to bear, but in this book, Tess is given her chance to stand center stage alongside such richly developed supporting characters that it could certainly be read as a stand alone though don t skip Seraphina and Shadow Scale altogether they are lovely as well.The story follows our brat , Tess, as she begins to reject the incredibly stifling life she felt she deserved after committing heinous sins the details of which are slowly revealed over the course of the novel She has been lead to believe as many deeply fundamentalist religions convey that her very existence as a woman is sinful in and of itself, and that she has committed the worst sin by falling as no good woman should So, at age 17, facing decisions made for her by her deeply religious mother and her incompetent father, she strikes out on her own, finding company in her childhood quigutl friend, who sets an adventurous quest at her feet for them to follow And follow she does, revealing her anything but sinful nature as she encounters many brilliant characters along the way.This borders on a spoiler, but I feel it s important to mention a CW this book deals with rape, sexual shame, and ultimately, infant loss While I m no longer in a place where these types of storylines would destroy me, I found myself incredibly sad and tearful many times as her story was revealed, and feel most responsible sharing that warning with those who may not be in a place to read such moving and detailed descriptions of sex without consent, without understanding consent, against a very young teenager, and such details of premature birth subsequent infant death. This book is wonderful, but you have to go into it understanding that the protagonist is intentionally an unlikeable screw up with a heart of gold To that end, I had a real issue with Tess at first But since I love Rachel Hartman s other books, I gave it all of my attention and put my faith in her, and it paid off Tess of the Road takes you on an amazing journey with twists you don t see coming, and gives you characters you shouldn t like but do anyway One thing to keep in mind is that the fantasy elements here are very small it s not a book about dueling wizards and spectacular feats of sorcery on every page It s about a girl coming to understand her place in the world and that she s maybe not as big of a screw up as everyone has led her to believe. I loved this book Beautifully written, perfect tone occasional humor, tho it s not a comedy It s a lovely, thoughtful, imaginative exploration of faith and how it can be contorted to harm people who are still figuring out who they are and who they want to be Tess, in fact tries on several personas thru the text And, how people can recover their faith, make it their own, and heal It s at times lighthearted and at times darkly serious, not shying away from past trauma, and readers who struggle reading stories of abuse should tread carefully.I will say, after reading some of the other posted reviews, that while Tess of the Road is its own story, readers will probably enjoy it if they read Seraphina first Seraphina lingers in detail over the world building, the role of dragons and the way dragons exist in this world, etc Tess of the Road doesn t spend much time reiterating these world building elements, so I can understand why some readers might have been frustrated I love revisiting this world and look forward to Hartman s next book Award Winning Rachel Hartman S Newest YA Is A Tour De Force And An Exquisite Fantasy For The Metoo Movement Tess Of The Road Is Astonishing And Perfect It S The Most Compassionate Book I Ve Read Since George Eliot S Middlemarch NPRIn The Medieval Kingdom Of Goredd, Women Are Expected To Be Ladies, Men Are Their Protectors, And Dragons Can Be Whomever They Choose Tess Is None Of These Things Tess Is Different She Speaks Out Of Turn, Has Wild Ideas, And Can T Seem To Keep Out Of Trouble Then Tess Goes Too Far What She S Done Is So Disgraceful, She Can T Even Allow Herself To Think Of It Unfortunately, The Past Cannot Be Ignored So Tess S Family Decide The Only Path For Her Is A Nunnery But On The Day She Is To Join The Nuns, Tess Chooses A Different Path For Herself She Cuts Her Hair, Pulls On Her Boots, And Sets Out On A Journey She S Not Running Away, She S Running Towards Something What That Something Is, She Doesn T Know Tess Just Knows That The Open Road Is A Map To Somewhere Else A Life Where She Might BelongReturning To The Spellbinding World Of The Southlands She Created In The Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling Novel Seraphina, Rachel Hartman Explores Self Reliance And Redemption In This Wholly Original FantasyMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR BOSTON GLOBE The Chicago Public LibraryKIRKUS REVIEWSFour Starred Reviews The World Building Is Gorgeous, The Creatures Are Vivid And Hartman Is A Masterful Storyteller Pick Up This Novel, And Savor Every Page Paste Magazine

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