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The Abduction Book In The Thrilling Young Mystery Series From Internationally Bestsellling Author John GrishamWhen We Last Saw Theo Boone, He Ensured That Justice Was Served By Uncovering Evidence That Kept A Guilty Man Off Of The Streets Hot Off This High Profile Murder Trial, Thirteen Year Old Theo Is Still Dispensing Legal Advice To Friends And Teachers But Just When It Seems As If His Life Has Calmed Down And Gone Back To The Status Quo, A New Legal Mystery Comes To Town, And This Time It S Personal

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    Bello mi piaciuta la tematica ambientale e la forte amicizia tra i ragazziTutti i personaggi sono molto credibili

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    Suddenly, April is MISSING She VANISHED, overnight She s thirteen years old, and disfunctional does not begin to describe her family This night, she was HOME, and she was alone Next moprning she was GONE She was Theo s VERY GOOD friend Not his grlfriend , in the romantic sense, but his

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    Grisham is an old hand at writing well crafted story lines He does that now with this debut of a series for teens However I recommend it for adult readers as well because his well drawn characters will engage all readers.

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    This story is definitely designed for adolescents and is a very good story for that age bracket For adults it may be a little simplistic, but for adolescents John Grisham has provided a challenge with several built in challenges, as well For instance, should he call his parents when he decides to leave tow

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    I have already reviewed the book,The Accused, I love this series well enough to review this one also Grisham is back better than ever, after having had a slump, in my never sufficiently humble opinion An example of a book from the slump period is Playing for Pizza I am amazed that Grisham can bend his huge talent to

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    A wonderfully written series that is perfect for teens, but also appealing to anyone Theodore Boone is a smart young man who is well versed in the legal system and is always involved in some crazy case Very well written.

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