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The Activist Even grandmothers are curious when it comes to a book who s main character is around the same age as one of her grandchildren As an avid reader I wanted to check out this series by John Grisham to see if it was something my grandson would like I was hooked from the moment I read the first book I ve now read them all and can t wait for my grandson to get back from Atlanta Like me, he loves to read and is going to get lost in what all this 13 year old lawyer knows and does. I like John Grisham s book, for the most part I like them a lot This is the third Theodore Boone book I ve read and I took away one star for the simple fact that an approximately thirteen year old boy would not use the vocabulary that Hardie uses Theodore is the son of two lawyers, well read, and akid lawyer by hobby He would be expected to excel in his language skills but what 13 y o knows craftsman house or would describe the farm using the terms used in this book.The basic story is relatively interesting but the violence will not spoil is excessive, especially regarding animals If I had read this book as a teenager I would have been a sobby mess I will continue to read the rest of the book in the series. I chose the 5 stars cause John Grisham is one HECK of a writer and I have read alot of books he has written and there Isn t a bad one in the many books he has written that I know of any way.I loved the first Theodore the kid lawyer is great so I had to read the series and I am glad I did The characters in this book I felt I was in the neighborhood and community fighting the fight with them Boy at one point I was so angry at grown men picking on kids because they thought there would be any consequences for their actions and they were fooled.The adults were something else in this book I stayed up alot of nights to find out what would happen next I always lose sleep when I read John s book that why I start in a Friday night.YOU WON T be sorry The young adults would love this series no foul language or violence I actually think this is for young adults They would like Theodore and Judge, his dog. This book is the fourth book of the Theodore Boone Series The series is all about Theo who is the only child of two lawyers His father is an estate lawyer and his mother is a divorce lawyer Theo loves the law and plans to be a famous trial lawyer some day He loves the law so much that he has his own small law office within his parents offices He gives advice and helps out friends as much as he can.In this fourth book of the series, Theo is faced with a problem that has something to do with budgets He is very sad to learn that budget cuts are forcing his school to make certain changes But, as there are cutbacks on one hand, the town council is considering voting on a project that will cost 200 million dollars To make things much worrisome, Theo s friend Hardie asks him whether the government can simply take the land that has been in his family for almost a century just to build something.As he and his friends are spending some time fishing on the property that Hardie s family calls their own, his dog Judge gets brutally attacked by men who claim to be surveyors They even shoved one of the boys and was rough with Theo himself Judge is lucky to be alive and Theo s parents take the men to Animal Court for cruelty.Theo has to explain about eminent domain and I have to admit that the explanation is clear and easy to understand especially for young children The concept of acting on something that kids passionately care about is well presented.However, the story starts out rather slowly It only picks up after an incident at the Quinn property which is pretty far into the book. I have read all of the books in this series, and most of the other Grisham books I have seen several reviews that said this and the others in the series were unbelievable and kids don t talk and act like the kids in this book Let me say, from not only having kids that were this age, to having been a middle school teacher, to having been involved in Scouting for many years, to having my children come to my office at times I can say that kids are absolutely like the kids in the book I will also say that I found myself slipping back to my own years of that age and if nothing else, that is a good reason to read the book All of the Grisham books don t have to be legal thrillers It is just another avenue, but people do the same thing in his books they read to escape, to get a diversion, to see someone else s problems, etc This book and the series will do that for you In the end, How many can honestly say that at some point they haven t told one of those back when I was in High School stories or told their kids You don t know what it is really like to have to For that alone, read and enjoy and go back to your own childhood, and be reminded that it wasn t always as good as you remember now Become a kid again for a bit, let things go and feel better. in generale mi piace grisham e la collana di theodore boone pur collocandosi ad un diverso livello narrativo molto piacevole nella lettura distensivo e simpatico. Book In The Thrilling Young Mystery Series From Intrenationally Bestselling Author John GrishamTheodore Boone Is Back In Action As All Of Strattenburg Sits Divided Over A Hot Political And Environmental Issue, Theo Finds Himself Right In The Thick Of It The County Commission Is Fighting Hard To Change The Landscape Of The Town, And Theo Is Strongly Opposed To The Plans But When He Uncovers Corruption Beneath The Surface, No Onenot Even Theois Prepared For The Risksand Potential Harmat Stake Torn Between His Conscience And The Law, Theo Will Do Whatever It Takes To Stand Up For What Is Right

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Activist book, this is one of the most wanted John Grisham author readers around the world.

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