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The adventures of Pinocchio Bottom line is this is a disappointing piece of junk, not only printed by the country where once upon a time junk was a boat, but it also seems as though someone there may have done the choppy translation.While this is a hardcover, it is a mere 6 1 4 inches high by 4 inches wide, about the size of a pulp paperback, and the print is relatively small.This one went in the trash while I bought a real used hardcover copy, translated by Carol Della Chiesa and with original illustrations by Attilio Mussino.Don t waste your money on this version. C Era Una Volta Un Re Diranno Subito I Miei Piccoli Lettori No, Ragazzi, Avete Sbagliato C Era Una Volta Un Pezzo Di Legno Da Come And Che Mastro Ciliegia, Falegname, Trov Un Pezzo Di Legno Che Piangeva E Rideva Come Un Bambino A Finalmente Pinocchio Cessa D Essere Un Burattino E Diventa Un Ragazzo , Trentasei Capitoli Che Raccontano La Storia Di Pinocchio, Protagonista Di Una Serie Mozzafiato Di Avventure E Monellerie Che Tutto Il Mondo Ama E Conosce Da Pi Di Cento Anni Un Classico Per L Infanzia, Adatto Per A Tutte Le Et Della Fantasia Questa Edizione, Interamente In Inglese, Offre Le Raffinate Illustrazioni Di Carlo Chiostri Del A booklist blog that I read recommended this original version of the story of Pinocchio, published in 1883 It s very much different and better than the Disney cartoon we all grew up with.The very first scene had me laughing out loud as Geppetto and a shop owner brawled.This original version is graphic and violent than the children s version For example spoiler alert , the talking cricket that Walt Disney lovingly named Jiminy only lasted a page and a half before Pinocchio killed it with a hammer And in another scene big spoiler alert Pinocchio is hiding four gold pieces in his mouth while the cat and fox try to pry it open with a knife The puppet bites the cats paw off and spits it on the ground.There are so many good lessons to be found in this story Taken as a whole, we see a model of maturity Pinocchio is a bad boy, but as he goes through life he takes note of the lessons around him By the end of the book, he s accountable and responsible for caring for his father and the fairy He does so by working extra hours and earning money. Never having read this story until now middle aged parent I was reminded of the Disney film of the same title, and how it shocked and scared me when Pinocchio turned into a donkey But now, I understand how and why the fable is the way it is While the book could be read by younger children, the somewhat violent nature of the episodes might make it better for older elementary but then, the morality will be all too transparent and such children could dismiss it for being preachy but there, they would be wrong I am glad to have read it, and learned the moral of the story, even at my age For, after nursing both an ailing father and a sick mother in law until their passing, I fully grasp the reality this fable conveys Our parents are both our joy, and, when old, our responsibility And no kind deed ever goes unrewarded either in this life, or the next. No lie This book is the meaning of life If you don t have time to read the whole bible, this is the cliff notes for ANY good guidance book The Disney cartoon is a fragment of the whole story, but this book is by no means, long You ll breeze through and when you re done you will have been through a wealth of adventure and learned what you might already know inside, but you ll have renewed confirmation First, The Adventures of Pinocchio by Collodi is a fantastic read aloud for young kids, and bears repeated readings in order to catch and symbolism My 8 year old kept yelling Don t do it, Pinocchio 5 stars, Signore Collodi.The Macmillan Collector s Library edition is beautiful It is a pocket sized hardback with embossed cover and a dusk jacket with adorable illustrations Though I wasn t expecting or needing illustrations, I was optimistic about the illustrations based on the cover You might predict the moral of this story Again, I was not interested in illustrations as I intended to read it to my kids, but they have become something of a distraction from the story Basically, the illustrations are creepy Those aren t my words They are the words of my 8 year old daughter I wasn t going to say anything because who cares about the illustrations I donow The illustrator for this edition is Charles Folkard Probably a great guy, and most likely even a good artist, but these drawings didn t do it for our family. Roberto Innocenti un grandissimo illustratore non solo per il suo talento artistico ma per la eccezionale capacit di interpretare il testo nei suoi pi nascosti significati E un piacere, soprattutto per gli adulti, riscoprire il viaggio iniziatico del fanciullino che lascia le sue spoglie di burattino per diventare adulto, con un percorso cio inverso al rifiuto di Peter Pan Le illustrazioni non sono solo una meticolosa descrizione ma una splendida sintesi con il testo di questo grande capolavoro della letteratura italiana. Il libro era esattamente nello stato in cui era descritto Ben conservato con solo un righino di biro in quarta di copertina visibile nelle foto Ottimo servizio e venditore serissimo.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The adventures of Pinocchio book, this is one of the most wanted Carlo Collodi author readers around the world.

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