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The Age of the Horse: Forrest Susanna Man Has Always Been Fascinated By Equus Caballus, Recasting Horse Power Into Many Forms A Hunk Of Meat, An Industrial And Agricultural Machine, A Luxury Good, A Cherished Dancer, A Comrade In Arms And A Symbol Of A Mythical Past From The Wild Tarpans Sought By The Nazis To Jade Laden Treasure Steeds In Ancient China, Broken Down Nags Recycled Into Sausages And Furniture Stuffing, Stallions That Face Fighting Bulls And Brewery Horses That Charmed The Founder Of The Sikh Empire, The Age Of The Horse Knits The History Of The Horse Into That Of Humans, Through Revolution, War, Social Change And Uneasy Peace It Also Uncovers New Roles For The Horse In The Twenty First Century As A Tool In The Fight Against Climate Change And As A Therapist For Soldiers Damaged In Unwinnable Conflicts In This Captivating Book, Susanna Forrest Takes A Journey Through Time And Around The World, From The Mongolian Steppes To A Mirrored Manege At Versailles, An Elegant Polo Club In Beijing And A Farm, A Fort And An Auction House In America, Exploring The Horse S Crucial Role And Revealing How Our Culture And Economy Were Generated, Nourished And Shaped By Horse Power And Its Gifts And Limits

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    Here is the best book I ve read on what it means to interact deeply with horses The author, Susanna Forrest has tried not to anthropomorphize horses, and as a result she could have sounded a bit detached from these noble animals, but that doesn t happen at all She is an acute observer of all things equine Bartabas sets a bowl of o

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    good book well researched, arrived in perfect conditionl

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    First, I knew Ms Forrest when I lived in Berlin, so I m quite aware of her obsession with horses, as memorably explored in her previous book, If Wishes Were Horses On her part, she s aware that my interest in horses extends to the racetrack, and very little further But that makes for a perfect author reader relationship here I m not all that

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    The author writes very well She traces various uses of the horse, from prehistoric times to contemporary times such as the use of refined European horses in competitive events in today s China and the mounted horsemen in modern Portuguese bullfighting.

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    Awesome history of he world and especially of mankind Mongolian presentation is incredible with insight to the people through the horses Can get confusing with jumps through history but it does come together quite well.

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