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The Age of the Horse: Forrest Susanna Man has always been fascinated by Equus caballus, recasting horse power into many forms a hunk of meat, an industrial and agricultural machine, a luxury good, a cherished dancer, a comrade in arms and a symbol of a mythical past From the wild tarpans sought by the Nazis to jade laden treasure steeds in Ancient China, broken down nags recycled into sausages and furniture stuffing, stallions that face fighting bulls and brewery horses that charmed the founder of the Sikh Empire, The Age of the Horse knits the history of the horse into that of humans, through revolution, war, social change and uneasy peace It also uncovers new roles for the horse in the twenty first century as a tool in the fight against climate change and as a therapist for soldiers damaged in unwinnable conflicts In this captivating book, Susanna Forrest takes a journey through time and around the world, from the Mongolian steppes to a mirrored manege at Versailles, an elegant polo club in Beijing and a farm, a fort and an auction house in America, exploring the horse s crucial role and revealing how our culture and economy were generated, nourished and shaped by horse power and its gifts and limits

  • Copertina rigida
  • The Age of the Horse: Forrest Susanna
  • Forrest
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9780857899002

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Age of the Horse: Forrest Susanna book, this is one of the most wanted Forrest author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “The Age of the Horse: Forrest Susanna

  1. Souro Sircar Souro Sircar says:

    For many years when I first encountered horses, I had become very curious about these magnificently beautiful animals and how they played an interesting and important role in the life of us humans throughout history I first came across this book and I gained much knowledge, some of which I was completely unaware of since I had first started reading this book The text is well structured and explained the main story very well and there are a few good pictures and illustrations to help add visual support for each chapter There is one chapter that is quite very disturbing as it explains fully how we once or still are eating horses for food, so I would advise real caution to buying this book for any ardent horse lovers The rest nevertheless is a must read and I still like reading this book when I have much free time available.

  2. Michael Franks Michael Franks says:

    Purchased this a gift for my step mother and she thinks it s fantastic.The book is of amazing quality and the pictures are extremely detailed.Delivery times were exceptional and the book arrived in time for Christmas.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I judged this book by it s cover and thought it would be a bit historical and a bit less anthropological I enjoyed it in parts but didn t enjoy the author s personal experiences so much Still looking for a really good equine history.

  4. Bluejun Bluejun says:

    Wonderful book perfect for anyone who loves horses.

  5. Graham Woosnam Graham Woosnam says:

    Bought as a gift for an equine chiropractor,She has expressed her delight with the book It enriches her background knowledge and adds to her confidence in the work place.

  6. Lynne Lynne says:

    A delightful meander through past and present Very enjoyable and informative.

  7. A D Biggles A D Biggles says:

    Very well researched, but rather dry reading and sometimes the facts are a bit higgledy piggledy.

  8. Dusty Miller Dusty Miller says:

    Excellent book Just what the doctor ordered for a horse enthusiast.


    Bought this for my wife for Xmas She loves it Delivery was excellentMany thanks

  10. Rooster Rooster says:

    Interesting in parrs

  11. Alexander Moffatt Alexander Moffatt says:

    Very well researched

  12. Mrs. Elisabeth Bradley Mrs. Elisabeth Bradley says:

    Most interesting, but then I like horses.

  13. Wolfgang Kasper Wolfgang Kasper says:

    The idea to describe all of human history over the past 5000 years from the standpoint of our relations with our second best friend, the horse, is brilliant Alas, the author, despite having collected numerous interesting insights and a huge volume of references, seems not quite up to the task Along the way, we are told some dubious history I was also irritated by long asides that have nothing to do with horses, such as long winded diatribes against the Nazis and pages of detail on recent US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq In some chapters, the readers will also find disconnects in the narrative, which careful editing could have avoided Anyhow thanks for trying

  14. Michel Brûlé Michel Brûlé says:

    Apr s cette lecture, on ne voit plus le cheval de la m me fa on Une passionnante chevauch e dans l Histoire guid e par une grande rudite amoureuse de son sujet.

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Great book for anyone interested in horses.

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