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The Burning Maze The Formerly Glorious God Apollo, Cast Down To Earth In Punishment By Zeus, Is Now An Awkward Mortal Teenager Named Lester Papadopoulos In Order To Regain His Place On Mount Olympus, Lester Must Restore Five Oracles That Have Gone Dark But He Has To Achieve This Impossible Task Without Having Any Godly Powers And While Being Duty Bound To A Confounding Young Daughter Of Demeter Named Meg Thanks A Lot, DadWith The Help Of Some Demigod Friends, Lester Managed To Survive His First Two Trials, One At Camp Half Blood, And One In Indianapolis, Where Meg Received The Dark Prophecy The Words She Uttered While Seated On The Throne Of Memory Revealed That An Evil Triumvirate Of Roman Emperors Plans To Attack Camp Jupiter While Leo Flies Ahead On Festus To Warn The Roman Camp, Lester And Meg Must Go Through The Labyrinth To Find The Third Emperor And An Oracle Who Speaks In Word Puzzles Somewhere In The American Southwest There Is One Glimmer Of Hope In The Gloom Filled Prophecy The Cloven Guide Alone The Way Does Know They Will Have A Satyr Companion, And Meg Knows Just Who To Call Upon This book was very good and i am looking forward to reading the next one in the series However there was one mistake that only pople who have read heroes of olympus series will see as a mistake Basically, grover says that he huas never been to camp jupiter or seen reyna but he does in heroes of olympus which is kinda like a prequel to trials f apollo I think rick riordan shoupd have remembered this but i also realise that that is rlly picky sorry for that overal a good book but SPOILER ALERT jason dies and even though i dint rlly like him in the first place it was depressing to no that he died. This book is probably the most mature out of all the books from the Percy Jackson world.It keeps the witty, funny and crazy parts that I love so much and as usual it also deals with heavier stuff but this time, it does it in a very new way We get to actually understand for real this time , what it means when Percy said that being an halfblooded is scary and it gets you killed in the very first page of the Lightning Thief It has some heartbreaking and intense parts and, even if I cried a lot, I m very happy with the story and it actually feels like all the stories read so far had lead to this If the next books are going to be at least as good as this one, I m very excited. lo sto ancora leggendo, ma in quanto a condizioni arrivato impeccabile e prima del previsto consegnato la domenica per il contenuto, Rick Riordan una garanzia era da un po che ero rimasta in sospeso con i suoi libri, per cui non ricordo bene i fatti antecedenti, ma una bellissima e simpatica lettura in ogni caso, soprattutto con il nostro Lester this review contains SPOILERS apologies so I have noticed that each book has had a recurring theme within it the first book was Everyone You Love, the second was Everyone Is Gay, and the third is Everyone Dies The rate these are going, i ll be surprised if anyone gets through the series unscathed However, as I said about everyone dying, Rick has grown up in his way of dealing with it In the past books, the characters that have died have been minor, with little to no character development or they had a Get Out Of Jail Free card cough Leo cough In this book, when the one of the characters died, Rick honestly got the tragedy and pain spot on i was crying my eyes out It did not help that he chose to remind us with a coffin, later on i started crying again Another thing I enjoyed was that Piper had even character development and showed that not everyone has a happily ever after , it was nice to see that, like real life, things don t always go to plan, and shit happens.Rick dedicated this book to the muse of tragedy, and, by the gods, he gave us plenty of that.

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