The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye: An Enola Holmes Mystery

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  • The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye: An Enola Holmes Mystery
  • Nancy Springer
  • 09 September 2017
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15 thoughts on “The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye: An Enola Holmes Mystery

  1. jakir hussain jakir hussain says:

    I loved reading this book Don t want to give anything away on the review.

  2. Doris Doris says:

    This is an interesting story and an easy read Great for children or teenagers It is like an Self insert fanfiction that is very well written.

  3. K. M. Martin K. M. Martin says:

    This final Enola Holmes mystery finally answers the question that has been hovering beneath all the other stories where is Enola s mother It also has Enola looking for Lady Blanchefleur del Campo who disappeared one day into London s new underground.Sherlock is also looking for Enola but, this time, it is because a strange package has been delivered to their family home for her Sherlock has moderated his goal for Enola too After being educated by Florence Nightingale in the previous book about the horrors of proper boarding schools, he is rethinking his plans for Enola s future However, Mycroft is the one with legal authority over Enola and his thinking about her future hasn t changed.Again this book has a cipher that has to be decoded, disguises aplenty, and lots of adventure in Victorian England It also has a maturing Enola and a new relationship for her with her much older brothers.This was a satisfying conclusion to an excellent historical mystery series.

  4. Lily Anderson Lily Anderson says:

    I really love the Enola Holmes series Why There is a touching emotional relational arc running through the six books with regards to her family the brothers she doesn t know wanting to send her to boarding school because that s what you do with females, the mother abandoning her This is the book that brings that arc to a satisfying conclusion.No romance Gasp Amazing A young teen girl can have a great life without a guy The mysteries are well written with some good action and fun disguises.The main character is fun to read resourceful, smart, kind, as one example, she dresses up as a nun and distributes food and blankets to the poor on the streets at night yet also imperfect That s a good thing Although she has money, it s not so much that she isn t being careful with it ie, it doesn t magically solve all problems Seeing Sherlock learn and grow though I suppose it s not quite the Sherlock from the original stories And learning a bit about the time period through the stories.Down sides At times there s a bit horror or mysticism than I care for But it s not a focus in the books thankfully.And I wish there were books in the series

  5. Michelle Boytim Michelle Boytim says:

    This is the sixth book in the Enola Holmes series and was the concluding volume, although the author has recently stated that there may be new additions to the series Enola receives a letter from her brother, Sherlock, that has been delivered to the family estate It is clearly from her mother, but is carefully encrypted as a skytale She must discover the correct object to wrap the letter around in order to decipher it In the meantime, both she and Sherlock are working on a case involving a missing Duquessa, each coming at it from a unique perspective They even involve Mycroft in their dealings and in the end the family begins to understand each other a little better as they face some difficult truths This was a fitting end to the series, but I hope that a new adventure of Enola will eventually be forthcoming.

  6. S. H. S. H. says:

    I am a huge fan of this series Even though it is a children s book, it is intelligently written, and can easily be enjoyed by adults The characters are marvelous Holmes is spot on He is exactly the character created by Arthur Conan Doyle While he retains all of his arrogance, pomposity, and lack of emotional availability, we also see cracks in his cold veneer when it comes to his upstart younger sister, someone whom he never intended or expected to like, let alone love The book flap informs the reader that this is the final installment in this series, a fact I find horribly depressing In this installment, a true affection and respect has grown between Enola Holmes much younger sister and Sherlock In addition, they are each starting to trust the other Now the only difficulty is bringing Mycroft around to their way of thinking Sherlock and Enola also, once again, end up working on the same case the disappearance of a wealthy, titled lady This case actually ends up bringing all three Holmes siblings together to locate the missing woman By the time the case is over, an understanding between the three has developed The only mystery left for them to solve is a mysterious communication from their mother The ending is satisfying, except that I want That sounds contradictory, but I do sincerely hope that Ms Springer reconsiders and writes Holmes family tales.

  7. M. Ellis M. Ellis says:

    While this mystery series is categorized as young adult, i hold advanced degrees and enjoy them tremendously Enola Holmes Is a charming, wise beyond her years character who manages to outwit and out sleuth her two famous much older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.Set in Victorian England, Enola s adventures highlight the history, colorful characters, fashion, s as well as the stifling plight of women, both rich and poor Exciting, fast paced, lots of intrigue and danger Really fun read I hope that Author Nancy Springer writes many This cannot be the last Enola Holmes must live on

  8. Reverend Skull Reverend Skull says:

    This is the last in a six book series and I recommend reading all six, in order, to enjoy the full story.

  9. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Thoughtfully produced, this book like all of this series is well thought out, written in a style that is easily read, yet not at all dumbed down for children Would I buy the series for children young adults Assuredly Would I buy it for myself Absolutely.The morals invoked, while not drumming you with a stout stick, are evident Thought provoking material, essentially while not a lengthy tomb, the entire series lets you know that your wits are important than your brawn, sex, or station in life And while you may have it bad, there is always people who are surviving worse trials.Have I mentioned I love the series

  10. Janet Altman Janet Altman says:

    I m a fan of all things Sherlock, and have read any number of posh and plebian, direct and oblique tributes to the Baker Street detectives Nancy Springer s middle grade mystery series featuring Sherlock and Mycroft s much younger sister Enola is hands down, my favorite and the one I reread the most often This installment Enola Holmes 6 wraps up the main theme of the series why and how did Enola s mother mysteriously disappear Each book in the series is a complete mystery, but I recommend that you read them in order Recommended for fans of Alan Bradley s Flavia de Luce series.

  11. Happy Reader Happy Reader says:

    Quite simply some of the best fiction I have read in some time Wonderfully written and very intelligently conceived novels They appeal to any age and combine escapist reading pleasure with very real and gritty and meaningful social commentary Delightful

  12. sunbean72 sunbean72 says:

    So often it s hard to find a lovable heroine one that isn t simply masculine, or the men are simply idiotic by comparison The Enola Holmes mysteries are neither Springer exploits Sherlock Holmes one known weakness women, and uses it skillfully and playfully This is the last book in the series and if you indulge, you won t be disappointed Enola is so lovable and smart and vulnerable I loved it.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    A new take on Sherlock Holmes Meet his younger sister mistress of disguises, sketching and mystery solving This is the last book in Springer s Enola Holmes series A satisfying conclusion, but I still wish there were stories, maybe of Sherlock and Enola solving cases together

  14. A P A P says:

    The Enola Holmes Mysteries are pure genius Everyone loves Sherlock Holmes, right So who wouldn t enjoy a mini series about his younger sister, who also solves mysteries in the crowded city of London while cleverly eluding her brilliant elder brother Three cheers for Nancy Springer, author of the action packed Enola books

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The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye: An Enola Holmes MysteryAs Enola searches for the missing Lady Blanchefleur del Campo, she discovers that her brother Sherlock is just as diligently searching for Enola herself Sherlock and Enola must solve a triple mystery What has happened to their mother And to Lady Blanchefleur And what does either have to do with their brother, Mycroft Flat out among the best mysteries being written for young people today Booklist, starred review

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