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The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan I m a fan of all things Sherlock, and have read any number of direct and oblique tributes to the Baker Street detectives Nancy Springer s middle grade mystery series featuring Sherlock and Mycroft s much younger sister Enola is, hands down, my favorite and the one I reread the most often This installment follows the smart and stubbornly independent Enola as she tries to help a friend we met earlier in the Left Handed Lady How can a young woman so consistently best her genius older brother Springer picks a brilliant answer these mysteries poke at how Sherlock has blind spots from being such a confirmed bachelor He misses some of the currents in the world of women clues that come in the form of flowers, stitchery, and in this case, cheap party favors Each book in the series is a complete mystery, but I recommend that you read them in order 1 Missing Marquess, 2 Left Handed Lady, 3 Bizarre Bouquets, 4 Peculiar Pink Fan, 5 Cryptic Crinoline, 6 Gypsy Goodbye. Enola Is Thrown Into A Tailspin When She Receives A Desperate Message From Her Old Friend, Lady Cecily Enola Knows She Must Help Her Friend Before It S Too Late But She Doesn T Know How This Complicated Case Has Enola Hunting Down Clues All Over London Until She Finally Discovers The Awful Truth Lady Cecily Is Being Held Prisoner Enola Must Risk Her Own Freedom And Join Forces With Her Brother, The Famed Sherlock Holmes, To Free Cecily Can Enola Trust Her Brother, And Can They Save Cecily In Time Nancy Springer has written yet another wonderful entry in the Enola Holmes series Although Springer has been noted for her Rowen Hood series, among others, the Enola Holmes series is for a slightly sophisticated reader who delights in solving puzzles and developing portrayals of interesting characters Enola Holmes is Sherlock Holme s younger sister Many of the Sherlock Holmes spin offs are tired and unimaginative but this is not true for this series Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock who has been left to fend for herself by her mysterious mother Her brothers want to send her off to finishing school to make her into a lady but she has other plans Instead Enola takes the money and clues left for her from her mother of course, Sherlock and Enola inherited their intelligence and imaginative gifts from somehwere and has started her own investigative agency under an assumed name and disguise The Case of the Pecular Pink Fan brings back a character from a previous novel The Case of the Left Handed Woman and brings her into new territory Enola meets the Left Handed Woman in a woman s rest room and during this encounter the woman leaves a pink fan with a message of distress Enola sets out to find and rescue the woman through creative and smart detective work that is mostly appropriate for a girl her age and position In addition, she continues to develop her relationship with her brother Sherlock and earns his respect for her insightful ideas on how to find the missing woman This is a terrific novel My only regret is that it was not longer and that the plot and characters were not developed even. The fourth book in the series has Enola running in to her old friend and former case, Lady Cecily The Case of the Left Handed Lady who signals her through the language of the fan that she is in trouble and is being hobbled by constricting clothes and is the prisoner of the two women with her Cecily leave the cheap, pink fan, which Enola is sure contains a clue After narrowly dodging her brother, Mycroft, Enola is on the case She finds that Lady Cecily is no longer living at home She discovers clues in the fan, and tracks down the source of the pink fans to a catering business In locating a possible place for Cecily s confinement, she is shocked to meet her brother Sherlock in a difficult position She must decide if she trusts him as she finds out he is working the same case, but for Cecily s mother Enola uses her gifts to track down the real location for Cecily and must put herself in danger in ways than one to try to rescue her This was another fun addition to the series and we get to see the relationship between Enola and Sherlock grow. I have totally enjoyed all six books in the Enola Holmes series I think that the first two and last two move at a faster pace than the middle two, but what I like about this one is that, while all six books reveal a different aspect of the way girls and women were forced into a certain behavior pattern during Victorian times, this book deals with probably the harshest and most oppressive of such patterns forcing a young woman to marry somebody she didn t love Enola is a strong hero who, like her older brother Sherlock, finds a way to accomplish anything and everything She s a master of disguise so much so that her own brothers don t recognize her And she s able to scale walls to break into prison towers a scene I particularly enjoyed Read the whole series, from beginning to end.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Springer author readers around the world.

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