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The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo Book 2) PRAISE FOR THE HIDDEN ORACLE A Clash Of Mythic Intrigues And Centuries Of Pop Culture To Thrill Die Hard And New Fans Alike Kirkus ReviewsPRAISE FOR THE HIDDEN ORACLE Riordan S Characters Continue To Be An Impressively Diverse Group This Latest Has Riordan S Signature Wry Narration, Nonstop Action, And Mythology Brought To Life A Must Buy School Library JournalRick Riordan, Dubbed Storyteller Of The Gods By Publishers Weekly, Is The Author Of Five New York Times Best Selling Middle Grade Series With Millions Of Copies Sold Throughout The World Percy Jackson And The Olympians, The Heroes Of Olympus, And The Trials Of Apollo, Based On Greek And Roman Mythology The Kane Chronicles, Based On Ancient Egyptian Mythology And Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard, Based On Norse Mythology Rick Collaborated With Illustrator John Rocco On Two New York Times Best Selling Collections Of Greek Myths For The Whole FamilyPercy Jackson S Greek Gods AndPercy Jackson S Greek Heroes Rick Lives In Boston, Massachusetts With His Wife And Two Sons Follow Him On Twitter At Camphalfblood

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