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The Demigod Diaries What Dangers Do Runaway Demigods Luke And Thalia Face On Their Way To Camp Half Blood Are Percy And Annabeth Up To The Task Of Rescuing Stolen Goods From A Fire Breathing Giant Who Doesn T Take Kindly To Intruders How Exactly Are Leo, Piper, And Jason Supposed To Find A Runaway Table, Dodge A Band Of Party Loving Maenadswho Just Might Be A Little Psychotic , And Stave Off A Massive Explosionall In One Hour Or Less With His Trademark Wit And Creativity, Rick Riordan Answers These Questions And In Three Never Before Seen Short Stories That Provide Vital Back Story To The Heroes Of Olympus And Percy Jackson Books, With A Bonus Fourth Story Marking The Publishing Debut Of Haley Riordan, The Inspiration For Percy Jackson Original Art, Enlightening Character Interviews And Portraits, Puzzles, And A Quiz Add To The Fun In This Action Packed Collection The begin is about Luke and Thalia following a goat XD Then they get trapped in hal s house The middle of the story is when anabeth and Percy retriving Hermes staff back to him.Thats the only thing reason why I put 4 stars Mr.Riordan you did a nice job on this book At the end the part Son of magic was dull not enough verbs,nouns or details I can tell its very rushed Yeah and the price 10 bucks Thats a lot Also can you make all your books a little cheaper Lastly I am reading the Son of Neptune Poseidon That book will determine if I will continue the series.So far very good. Ottima serie che stuzzica la mia passione per la mitologia greca e il genere fantasy Per chi ha adorato il personaggio di Percy nella saga precedente, un ottimo palliativo nell attesa della seconda serie L unica pecca che le storie sono poche e brevi, ma rimane comunque una lettura piacevole. I love the books Rick Riordan writes You learn so much, but it is not boring at all I like the way he makes his characters They are not all the same Consider the fact that this book is not for little children I gave this book a rating of five stars because l the way he makes learning and action go hand in hand I like the way he understands dyslexia and ADHD It has helped me to understand my dyslexia and ADHD There is nothing to dislike I recommend this book to people who are in love with action or to people who like Greek mythology. The demigods are as diverse as us mere mortals, and so are their adventures In this companion to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series Riordan Riordan gives us a few sneak peaks back in time to fill in gaps around the other stories, and his son, Haley Riordan, takes the groundbreaking series his father started as his own bedtime stories and gives us his first story set in the world of demigods.The Diary of Luke CastellanLuke is a character we see as a bad seed, but there has to be to him In this diary excerpt, we see Luke and Thalia fighting for their lives out in the world against the monsters who hunt them What they don t expect is to find another kind of demigod who could be their very undoing.Percy Jackson and the Staff of HermesThe gods can be many thing, but one thing they can be counted on for is to need the demigods to do their dirty work All Percy wants to do is spend time with Annabeth, his newly anointed girlfriend, but Hermes has another plan for their time, and of course, it involves one bizarre and cantankerous monster Leo Valdez and the Quest for BufordAs a son of Hephaestus, Leo is an amazing tinkerer Unfortunately, by failing to properly care for a magical end table, he may have lost the key to stopping certain disaster Windex is NOT the same as Lemon Pledge Luckily, his friend would never let him fail.Son of MagicClay doesn t have time for questions, and certainly not questions that will cause him as much trouble as Alabaster s question As the leading expert on death, Alabaster hopes Clay can help him stop the evil woman who is coming after them, but he has no idea how dangerous it is to even know Alabaster.This was a cute selection of short stories separated by word jumbles and quizzes to test your knowledge of the Greek vs Roman gods The short stories were not necessary for understanding the rest of the series , but they are certainly fun for the Olympus buff The final story, Son of Magic, is interestingly written by Riordan s son, Haley Riordan Before the story, in a short note, he explains the Percy Jackson sagas began as bedtime stories to his son, and Haley was given the opportunity to write a story for this book To be honest, that story has a very different tone from Rick s stories, which you have to be prepared for it is very dark , but I was quite impressed It is a different kind of story, but the idea that the original audience for these stories delivered this contribution at the age of 16 is pretty impressive Of course, he doesn t have the same abilities of his father, but if he keeps writing like this, he will get there some day Riordan gives fans of his Greek and Roman series some great new material in the four stories presented here.In the first, Luke and Thalia must find a way to escape from a trap set for demigods Or else they will be dinner And how did they get into this trap Lured by a goat A goat who can dispense ice and Pepsi products Hilarious Percy just wants to spend time with his girlfriend Annabeth But he is coopted into finding Hermes lost staff Stolen by a monster of course A monster who is intent on making profits off of knock offs rather than stealing originals Hilarity ensues.At the center of the third tale is a table who ran away because he was polished with Windex rather than Lemon Pledge And now maybe the entire laboratory will explode because the Argo II needs its syncopator Unless Jason and Piper can help Leo find Buford, the run away table who happens to have the syncopator in one of its drawers Along the way they encounter drunk underage maenads intent on finding Lord Dionysus More hilarity ensues.The final tale asks the question, what happened to the demigods who fought on the side of Kronos after the events of The Last Olympian The story gives good answers about Mist and why monsters can smell heroes Written by Riordan s son 16yo son, it doesn t contain the same sense of humor or whimsy as the other stories And while it s not a bad story, it doesn t make one smile like the other stories do The tale is about an internecine battle between two children of Hecate Still, it does not draw away from the awesomeness of the other three stories. I enjoyed this second collection of short story in demigod diaries.You get some back story for Luke Castellan.And some of these story are reference in Hero s of Olympus.I really liked Haley s Riordan short story Son of Magic.And full color illustration of some of the Hero s of Olympus.Note The interview with Hermes staff is in Demigod Diaries and not in Demigod files.Sorry Ai miei figli piaciuto molto, la ragazza ha 14 anni ma lo stesso riuscita a capire tutto Se i ragazzi hanno gi letto la saga probabilmente ce la fanno anche se in inglese.

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