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The Dust Bowl Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National Disaster I had hoped it would provide insight however, the photographs that are included are nice, but the book lacks real insight. The Dust Bowl Was A Time Of Hardship And Environmental And Economic Disaster More Than Million Acres Of Land Had Turned To Dust, Causing Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Seek New Homes And Opportunities Thousands Of Miles Away, While Millions Chose To Stay And Battle Nature To Save Their LandFDR S Army Of Photographers Took To The Roads To Document This National Crisis Their Pictures Spoke A Thousand Words, And A New Form Of Storytelling Photojournalism Was Born With The Help Of Iconic Photographs From Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Arthur Rothstein, And Many , Martin Sandler Tells The Story Of A Nation As It Endured Its Darkest Days And The Extraordinary Courage And Spirit Of Those Who Survived This book is over designed to the detriment of the subject, ostensibly the photography There is a wealth of wonderful photographs from the period, but one wouldn t know it from this collection and their manner of presentation Apparently the author thought the images were not compelling, not powerful on their own as he has tinted each one and surrounded them in saturated color There is as much text as photographs Each two page spread is an art deco extravaganza and another excuse to rummage pantone s favorite complimentary color schemes The results prettify but jar for sure It cheapens the legacy of the artists who captured the Dust Bowl But the real travesty is that it misses the spirit of the time, the people, the very events themselves How is that possible A beautiful book that offers detailed information about the causes and conditions of the dust bowl The many photos bring about a factual yet emotive truth about the era A great gift for someone who grew up in that area during the depression or has a personal interest in the history of this difficult time for the midwest Ordered for my mom, now 82, she has since mailed it on to her sister, who enjoyed it immensely Her sister said it gave her a whole different perspective of the times and a much generous forgiveness toward her parents, who she now realized were doing the best they could in a time that proved too difficult for words to explain. This book contains a series of short, interesting articles with accompanying photographs regarding various aspects of Dust Bowl history Each topic covers exactly two facing pages in the book, with the text on the left side and a main photo on the right There are other photos sprinkled on the two pages, as appropriate I love this format because it is simple and easy to digest the information No matter where you open the book, there is something interesting to read and look at A good coffee table or gift book

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