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The Fall: Book 7 The Sixth Title In The Number One Bestselling CHERUB Series James Uncovers Corruption Where He Least Suspects It When An MI Operation Goes Disastrously Wrong, James Adams Needs All Of His Skills To Get Out Of Russia Alive Meanwhile, His Sister Lauren Is On Her First Solo Mission, Trying To Uncover A Brutal Human Trafficking Operation And When James Does Get Home, He Finds That His Nightmare Is Just Beginning CHERUB Agents Have One Crucial Advantage Adults Never Suspect That Children Are Spying On Them For Official Purposes, These Children Do Not Exist

5 thoughts on “The Fall: Book 7

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    I have never picked up a book series and have been so amazed by words on paper Robert Mucha has a serious skill for making you feel as if you are standing right in the middle of these stories.I originally borrowed

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    such great storys

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    Fun reads, good story if a little predictable.

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    This book in the series was an odd one Not a lot happened story wise, but I never found myself bored.

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    Good and always a page turner as the rest of the books in the series You just can t help finance finishing it in 3 hours.

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