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The General In A Restored Edition Of A Work Illustrated By A Three Time Kate Greenaway Medal Winner, A General Falls Off His Horse And Discovers The Beauty Of Nature And From That Day On, He Vows To Change The World By Embracing Peace

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    This is a classic wonderfully illustrated and what s it was delivered to me in no time, thank you.

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    I have bought this book at least ten times and always end up giving it to someone I think it is one of the great children s classics and the illustrations are truly exceptional I shan t give my latest copy away.

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    This 5 star rating is JUST about the book story My 6 year old adores this book and wanted to give it to his teacher for Christmas It s beautifully illustrated and a wonderful story.Now, the condition of the book when it arrived is a 1 star rating I know that this is out of print and the copies available are usually seconds The condition listed on the website sai

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    This book was written in the 60 s and I find that I really enjoy children s books from this time than most contemporary stories Perhaps I m biased because I was born in the late 60 s but it seems that many of the children s books from this era focus on humanity and one s contribution towards a better society as opposed to individual accomplishments I think focus sho

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    This book, originally written in 1961, is as timely today as it was back then It was my daughter s favorite she was born in 1961 and now we are so pleased that it is available in a reprint We gave it to a few friends who just had babies they loved it, too

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    This is an excellent book to read to children I especially like the pictures My first graders totally understood the message of this story without prompting or questioning Great book with a great message.

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