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The Guggenheim Mystery (English Edition) This sequel to The London Eye Mystery brings us to the United States Aunt Gloria and Salim are now living and working in New York City Aunt Gloria is a curator at the Guggenheim and shortly after Ted, Kat, and their mother arrive for a visit, Kandinsky s In the Black Square painting is stolen There ample suspects, but Aunt Gloria appears to have the means, motive, and opportunity It s up to our trio of cousins to find the real thief and set Aunt Gloria free.This book picks up where The London Eye Mystery left off The characters make references to the first book, and there is some evidence that the events of the first book are still with our characters, especially Aunt Gloria and Salim I continue to like the way the characters are written, especially Ted When the reader is able to go inside his head and understand his way of thinking everything he does and says makes sense It seems like a perfect way to develop empathy in young readers This book is written by Robin Stevens from Siobhan Dowd s notes Ms Stevens characters stay true to Ms Dowd s vision.I recommend this book to all middle grade mystery enthusiasts. My Name Is Ted Spark I Am Years And Days Old I Have Seven FriendsThree Months Ago, I Solved The Mystery Of How My Cousin Salim Disappeared From A Pod On The London Eye This Is The Story Of My Second Mystery This Summer, I Went On Holiday To New York, To Visit Aunt Gloria And Salim While I Was There, A Painting Was Stolen From The Guggenheim Museum, Where Aunt Gloria WorksEveryone Was Very Worried And Upset I Did Not See What The Problem Was I Do Not See The Point Of Paintings, Even If They Are Worth Million Perhaps That S Because Of My Very Unusual Brain, Which Works On A Different Operating System To Everyone Else SBut Then Aunt Gloria Was Blamed For The Theft And Aunt Gloria Is Family And I Realised Just How Important It Was To Find The Painting, And Discover Who Really Had Taken It This book is a children s mystery The point of view hero is a 12 year old boy, and he worked to solve the mystery along with his older sister and his cousin He s well informed, very observant, and good at reasoning things out, but he has trouble dealing with new or unusual situations He doesn t think or act quite like other kids He had trouble coping with being in New York City when he normally lives in London.The kids asked questions in a reasonable way and looked at sources that might not have been obvious to everyone They recorded what they discovered and eliminated suspects as best they could The answer to whodunit and how was foreshadowed enough that it can be guessed, though it s not obvious.This book is the second book in a series, but you don t need to read the previous book to understand this one This book did not spoil the mystery of the previous book There was no sex or bad language Overall, I d highly recommend this enjoyable story.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley. It s a risky business for a second writer to step into the shoes left when a previous author dies suddenly Stevens succeeds quite well Perhaps it helped that in this case, Dowd had only left a title for her next book Stevens was free to develop the plot as she desired Also, than 10 years have passed since The London Eye Mystery was published Most readers, like me, won t have read the first book recently, and while we have fond memories of the original, we may not closely remember details of style But from what I do remember, the unique voice of Ted Sparks remains clear He grows during the course of this second book, but it s still his unique way of seeing and processing the world that remains key to solving the mystery I hope that Stevens will continue the series The world needs of Ted s detective skills Highly recommended for Middle Grade readers Review based on an ARC through Netgalley. Ted, Kat and Salim solve their second mystery when Salim s mother is accused of stealing an important painting by Kandinsky from her new job at the Guggenheim Museum Ted, Kat, and their mother are visiting in New York City which is a very stressful thing for Ted Being autistic, he is better if he can stay in familiar surroundings He is also concerned that people aren t staying the same Kat and Salim seem to be communicating from London to New York and leaving him out He s wondering if Salim is still his friend.Ted, Kat, Salim, his aunt and his mother are all visiting the Guggenheim Museum on a day when it isn t open and a new exhibition the first one his Aunt Gloria is in charge of when smoke fills the museum, the fire alarms go off, the fire department comes, and when the smoke clears it is discovered that the painting is missing Being Ted, he knows to the minute when each person left the museum That list of people helps the kids when they begin to try to figure out who is trying to frame his aunt for the theft.I liked the way Ted thinks and his unique viewpoint on events I also liked that both Salim and Kat added their own viewpoints on the case The pace was fast and the story was filled with action as the kids use their subway passes to travel all around New York City pursuing leads and eliminating suspects.I liked the Author s Note which explains how Robin Stevens came to write this book after the untimely death of Siobhan Dowd who first introduced these characters in THE LONDON EYE MYSTERY and who had contracted for, but not yet begun, the mystery with this title.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Guggenheim Mystery (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Robin Stevens author readers around the world.

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