The Hello Atlas: Listen to 133 different languages! PDF

The Hello Atlas: Listen to 133 different languages! The book is educational but I was unable to locate the free download app for hearing pronunciations I check Apple store and Google play and and it was nowhere to be found. Love this Great for any traveling families The Hello Atlas is a wonderful addition to any home reference collection Each page features a global language and, after downloading the corresponding app, you will be able greet one another in over 100 languages Allows my four year old to learn about the world and the people in it Love it I m happy with the product, it was as expected and described in the article info. The atlas looks very good, but the selling point is that an app can be downloaded in order to hear the languages as you go through the atlas This was a gift to my grandson on his 9th birthday Imagine his disappointment and mine when trying to download the app to find it is not available in the US. Love this It s an awesome detailed book with the intro to so many different cultures and languages I am a visual learner and I think my daughter is too This just opened up soooo much for us I downloaded the app for iOS and have had zero issues with it I told my mom about it and she was blown away at how simple and useful it is We are minimalist unschoolers and this just rocked our world Nice book Need to use with app. Daily Telegraph A beautifully illustrated children s book that offers a glimpse into the lives and languages of different children the world over Explore the lives of children all over the world and celebrate one of humanity s greatest achievements written and verbal language With fully illustrated word charts, featuring children depicted in their home country and doing ordinary things, learn about thanlanguages, from well known and lesser known indigenous languages that introduce us to some of the world s most remote communities With foreword by ethnobotanist and explorer, Professor Wade Davis, this unique book comes with a free, downloadable app for iOS and Android that allows you to hear the phrases in the book, each recorded by a native speaker

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