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The Heroes of Olympus 1: The Lost Hero per i ragazzi che hanno letto e vi piace la serie di libri di Percy Jackson questa versione grafica rappresenta in maniera molto fedele il libro in quesi tutti i suoi principali dettagli vedere quello che si letto e bellissimo ed un ottimo modo di fare i ragazzi giovani seguire meglio la storia questa versione si trova in inglese. it was a great read and summarized the book quite welli can t wait for the son of neptune s graphic novelthe drawings could have been a bit accurate to the descriptions of the characters but it was good enough to make the read enjoyable Two things, playing off each other, make a comic great a script that lives up to the art, and art that lives up to the script It s distressingly easy to find each living down to the other In this case, though, Riordan s story has proven, widespread appeal But, importantly for me, it has Powell s artwork InMarch, he brought to life Congressman Lewis s experiences in the freedom marches of the 1950s and 60s In his own work, likeSwallow Me Whole, he achieves something unique if comics or sequential art, if you must represent a literature, Powell is among the first of its poets.So, Riordan s story doesn t quite give him the beyond sanity range of his own scripts, or the wrenching reality of Lewis s Even so, the raw energy and borderline madness of normal teenage years, let alone paranormal, give Powell plenty to work with Unlike the other work I ve seen, this involved a colorist to enhance his rich ink drawings It is an improvement, I think, but I ll never turn down Powell s unadorned B W and I ll never turn down his own writing underneath that very worthy artwork.Riordan s story is than passable though I haven t read the original Powell s artwork eases the transition from novel to comic script, and holds interest in itself But, even with all these good parts going, I still can t give it that fifth star A fair few comics in the last few decades have really pushed the medium, in what it says and how it looks For all the goodness here, it doesn t quite push either wiredweird It was very close to the book which I liked I love Rick Riordan and his books they are great If you like them this is a great read, and even if you don t I still recommend it. Makes a great gift. great read for 12 years old Jason Has A Problem He Doesn T Remember Anything Before Waking Up On A School Bus Holding Hands With A Girl Apparently She S His Girlfriend Piper, His Best Friend Is A Kid Named Leo, And They Re All Students In The Wilderness School, A Boarding School For Bad Kids What He Did To End Up Here, Jason Has No Idea Except That Everything Seems Very WrongPiper Has A Secret Her Father Has Been Missing For Three Days, And Her Vivid Nightmares Reveal That He S In Terrible Danger Now Her Boyfriend Doesn T Recognize Her, And When A Freak Storm And Strange Creatures Attack During A School Field Trip, She, Jason, And Leo Are Whisked Away To Someplace Called Camp Half Blood What Is Going On Leo Has A Way With Tools His New Cabin At Camp Half Blood Is Filled With Them Seriously, The Place Beats Wilderness School Hands Down, With Its Weapons Training, Monsters, And Fine Looking Girls What S Troubling Is The Curse Everyone Keeps Talking About, And That A Camper S Gone Missing Weirdest Of All, His Bunkmates Insist They Are All Including Leo Related To A God

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