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The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify I d honestly give this book 2.5 stars The good I love the acronym STREAMLINE, and what it stands for I think it s a motto anyone can get behind, even those not destined to become minimalists Yes, much of the information meant by STREAMLINE is info you can find elsewhere, but I think it helps to read the information presented in different ways In my quest to become organized, I have started with the Marie Kondo s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, and have noticed that in some ways, the message in this book is much the same For instance, the authors emphasize focusing on what you d like to keep as opposed to what to get rid of in both books But this book only says this, and seems to go on to contradict this advice Which brings me to the bad This book seems to advocate a minimalist for the sake of minimalism message That is, just have less stuff for no other reason than to brag about that, and call yourself a minimalist Where Marie Kondo s books advocate only surrounding yourself what things that spark the joy The difference is subtle but important I have embarked on a journey to become organized, which has largely meant having less stuff, in order to lead a streamlined life no pun intended My goal has never been to be able to count the number of possessions I have or to live in a bare home Rather, I want a neat home, but one that has the things I love and use In this, the author specifically mentions how little she is able to live comfortably with, as if this should be the goal I am sorry, but I ve worked hard to get to a place where I can have what I need and much of what I want, and I don t intend to get rid of those things I use just to make due using some substitute all for the sake of having less I wholeheartedly get behind the idea of getting rid of excess, but not in getting rid of things just to be a minimalist Now onto the ugly Once you re read and understand the concepts of STREAMLINE, the rest of the book is basically useless It is repetitive and does nothing to expand on the concept, which honestly isn t needed, but reading on is just fluff, or excess She goes through each room section of your home reiterating the concepts of STREAMLINE So to sum up, the underlying theme or concept is useful, but the ideology behind it, not so much Reads like a rich person trying to make due with less just for fun or bragging rights With the minimalist movement, this book exemplifies everything that I dislike about it I d recommend Marie Kondo s series instead, which does less to emphasize minimalism and to create an atmosphere of gratefulness and contentment as opposed to in acquiring. Francine Jay Pioneered The Simple Living Movement With Her Self Published Bestseller, The Joy Of Less In This Fully Redesigned And Repackaged Editionfeaturing Never Before Seen ContentJay Brings Her Philosophy To Readers Who Are Eager To Declutter Rather Than The Crash Diet Approach Found In Other Tidying Up Books, Jay Shares Simple Steps To Cultivate A Minimalist Mindset And Form New Habits, Paving The Way To Lasting Success Her Easy To Follow STREAMLINE Method Works In Any Spacefrom A Single Drawer To A Closet, Room, Or Entire House What S , It Can Be Called Upon During Clutter Inducing Life Events Such As Moving, Getting Married, Having Kids, Or Downsizing With An Airy Two Color Interior Design And Lovely Hardcover Package, The Joy Of Less Is A Refreshing And Relatable Approach To Decluttering That Belongs In Every Home Downsizing from 1600 sq ft home w a full basement, and I mean FULL, to a 1000 sq ft retirement condo Brutal and daunting process Daily goal is to spend 1 hr., which usually turns into 2 hrs, purging, starting in basement stuff from a new perspective The concept of modulizing has been helpful Thanks, Francine, for a valuable tool and an enjoyable read At 69, I am sure my children will also appreciate less when it comes to dealing w my estate someday My library copy of this book is due, with a sizeable waiting list, so I can t renew Instead of buying a hard copy for my already immense book collection, I just bought the Kindle versionno precious space needed I must be changin I use to really struggle with keeping my house remotely clean I tried FLY Lady and various apps and making a cleaning schedule but nothing helped Then one day I was browsing a used bookstore and stumbled upon The Joy of Less by Francine Jay and it was exactly what I needed.It s about minimalism, but not rigid 100 items minimalism It s about having enough What s enough for one person will look different than what s enough for another Like a gourmet chef s enough in the kitchen will look different than the enough of a single guy who eats take out all week I have a lending library, so my enough looks different than someone who relies on an e reader The point is to have your needs and wants met but not to excess Every book I own deserves its spot on my shelf, and I do cull my collection regularly because books do still sneak in That is the nature of books, haha It s also about the value of space If your table is full of clutter then you first have to clear it off before starting a project That could deter you from getting started in the first place But if your table is clear, if you have that space , you could start a project on a whim Doesn t that sound like a enjoyable way to live Plus space just plain feels better Clutter clogs the air flow but when the space is clear it s easier to breathe and there s less weighing on your mind It s relaxing Spas aren t cluttered for a reason The book also helps you reframe your relationship to your stuff It makes you be honest about why you re hosting this stuff Is your stuff serving you or are you serving it Is your stuff worth the time and hassle of its upkeep, of maintaining it, of putting it away Does it deserve the space it occupies Where did it even come from The book helps you deal with gifts and freebies and sentimental items and back up items if your coffee machine breaks are you really going to get and use your old one from the garage or go buy a new one It helps you evaluate every item.The book has practical suggestions on how to downsize too For example, take items out of their spot when you re evaluating them Like items in a junk drawer, they might trick you into thinking that they belong in that drawer because that s where they always are But if you dump the drawer out to go through the contents, suddenly you realize that you don t need or want those seventeen ink pens that you never use Empty your closet to go through your wardrobe, take books off the shelf, empty your pantry.Also in the book is how to keep the clutter from building up again Be a gatekeeper, don t let new things in without an interview Try the one in, one out rule Don t accept freebies at conferences yay an advertising magnet, thaaanksThe last chapters walk you through decluttering room by room Do you really want all those expired cosmetics in your bathroom What s that stuff in the back of your closet The author wrote the book before she became a mother she has one child last I heard she has a blog, that s how I know , so her advice on kids clutter is well she wrote it before becoming a mom One piece of advice is to ask for experiences vs things for their gifts For example, my daughter is receiving ballet classes for her birthday Her physical gift will be ballet shoes That s from my parents I m giving her new pajamas the girl loves pajamas, and she has a lot of sleepovers The craft at her party will be an art project to decorate her new bedroom It ll be made with love and will remind her of her friends AND it s useful because being beautiful IS a use I get my kids involved in downsizing their possessions regularly too, but I never force it I gently guide them and every decision about their stuff is theirs to make We make it fun and they feel good about donating their things for other kids.I have a friend who said she s impressed by how little stuff we have We haven t always been this way Our walls use to be lined in furniture and clutter Our closets were packed with clothes we never wore The playroom was insane We still have than I d like to have that happens when you have three kids , but our house feels way better and is so much easier to maintain now It s a constant effort though Stuff still sneaks in, and if a clutter pile forms it can get out of hand clutter attracts clutter It does.Anyway, this book helped us improve our quality of life We re sacrificing much less time to fussing with our stuff now that we have less stuff And I don t miss the stuff I now see stuff as a burden to an extent We use to stop at a thrift store weekly and buy random crap Now it s been months since we ve been to one, and even then we went with a purpose OH And now that we have less stuff I no longer fail at housekeeping I didn t need FLY Lady, I didn t need a cleaning schedule I needed less stuff That s it Now it s easy and enjoyable to maintain my home I just put a little bit away and suddenly my home is peaceful and serene.BTW, this book has earned a permanent spot on my shelf I re read it sometimes when our clutter starts sneaking back in I loan it to others It very much deserves the space which it occupies On my long journey toward minimalism, I ve read tons of organizing and decluttering books, included the overrated Marie Kondo book, bit this book by FrancineJay is my hands down favorite The main key to decluttering is to cull down minimize your stuff Less is , baby Not only does Francine give you practical steps to minimalize, she gets you into the mental state to do it and keep it up.People who bash minimalism don t understand what it is It s not about living with as few possessions as possible, rather, it s living with just what you need to be happy and nothing When that pile of boxes that has been sitting in the garage for 10 years causes you to feel overwhelmed just thinking about getting rid of it, you definitely have stuff than what you need to be happy It s time to purge and free yourself from the burden of taking care of it, thinking about it, and wasting space on it This book can change your life Anch io ero una delle persone che conserva anche gli scontrini senza rendersene conto Durante il trasloco ho realizzato quanti oggetti avevo accumulato nel giro di 3 4 anni ed ho deciso di cambiare il mio atteggiamento Questo libro veramente utile e aiuta moltissimo Sto seguendo i consigli del libro e pian piano la mia casa e il mio armadio stanno diventando pi ordinati it s an amazing book, well written, full of good advices I got it perfectly on time I would buy it again.

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