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The Ultimate Greyhound Very informative book Love medical info at back Easy to read Recommended by long time breeder as good source of information. This book had informative chapters about how a racer is cared for, Adopting an ex racer, bringing it home, socializing and training It also had a a z common health problem guide in the back definitely one of the better Greyhound books I found this book to be a wellspring of information covering some of the greyhounds humble beginnings through its racing career It gives in deapth views of the life of the racing Greyhound in not only the US, but in Ireland, the UK and Australia the similarities and differences between them It talks about bringing your new adoptee home and some of the common medical issues you may have to deal with Lots of color photos The Ultimate Greyhound is an Ultimate source of info Definately 5 stars. I was really suprised by the comprehensive nature of this book Anything you could possibly want to know from history to racing to owning to caring for a greyhound is inside this book I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know about the glorious greyhound and his her rich history and bright future. The Ultimate Series Takes The Serious Animal Lover On A Journey Into The Finer Points Of Dog Breeds And Dog Care, Horses, Birds And Fish Each Book Is Written By A Panel Of Experts Who Specialize In Distinct Areas Of Interest To Pet Lovers, Including History, Breeding, Showing, Training, And Health And Veterinary Care Fully Illustrated And Coffee Table Sized, These Books Also Make Great Gifts For The Committed Pet Enthusiast

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