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Theodore Boone: The Accused: Theodore Boone 3 (English Edition) Truly Gripping Star Reader ReviewTheodore Boone Is The Thirteen Year Old Who Knows About The Law Than Most Adult Lawyers He Certainly Never Expected To Be The Victim Of Crime Himself But Then His Bike Is Vandalised, He S Attacked While Doing His Homework And, Worst Of All, Framed For A RobberyWhen Stolen Computer Equipment Turns Up In Theo S School Locker, The Police Start Leaning On Him Hard And He Is The Only Suspect What If He Is Found Guilty What About His Dreams Of Becoming A Lawyer In A Race Against Time, Aided By His Renegade Uncle, Ike, Theo Must Find The Real Felon And Reveal The True Motivation Behind The Crimes Of Which He Stands Accused What Readers Are Saying About THEODORE BOONE THE ACCUSED A Rattling Good Read Stars Brilliant Stars Outstanding Stars He S Done It Again Stars A Sharp, Intelligent, Easy Read Stars

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    Con pochissimo John Grisham ci restituisce un bellissimo ritratto di un america giovane, prendendo ancora una volta posizione, senza essere noioso o professoriale, contro un sistema giuridico di cui non condivide molte cose Adattissimo ai ragazzi con una trama lineare, non priva di tensione, che dar molti spunti per pensare e

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    io ho letto la versione italiana e , essendo un appassionato di John Grisham, ho regalato la versione inglese a mio nipote, perch ho trovato interessante la evoluzione di Grisham come scrittore per ragazzi

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    I had just finished reading a couple of John Grisham books, Syca Row and Gray Mountain, with mixed opinions of each This book came up as a suggested one on my Kindle After reading the first chapter I realized I had entered into Grisham s YA fiction The Accused is not Grisham s first Theodore Boone, but this did not make it difficult to

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    Imagine being called to the Pricipal s Office on a Wednesday Morning Imagime finding a DETECTIVE there, from the lacal cop shop Imagine having the detective escort you to your locker, and having the principal open your locker, only to find 3 Linx 0 4 Tablets there Products of the burglery of the Computer store the previous night To make matt

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    Intrigue, suspense, eclectic characters, and evokes emotions are the four characteristics of this novel The ending is very surprising I didn t start to figure out the guilty until the last 10% of the book Then the intrigue became, how are they going to get them The characters are endearing, funny, and a Hodge podge of personalities I finished the

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    I was first introduced to Theodore Boone when I purchased Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer by mistake I am a 52 year old woman and typically do not read children s books I purchased the book because I read everything written by John Grisham and did not realize it was written for kids I decided not return the book and read it instead I was so glad of my order

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    These books, there are six so far are for people way younger than I am that said who doesn t like a 13 year old lawyer who can solve anything who is kind and decent and fun perfect books for pre teens and teenagers The books are just fun to read a nice diversion to most of what I read to encourage reading these books would be a perfect birthday or Christma

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