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Theodore Boone: The Collection (Books 1-3) (English Edition) Collecting The First Three Of John Grisham S Bestselling Theodore Boone Series Together, Theodore Boone The Collection Showcases Three Classic Mysteries In The Small City Of Strattenburg, There Are Many Lawyers, And Though He S Only Thirteen Years Old, Theo Boone Thinks He S One Of Them Theo Knows Every Judge, Policeman, Court Clerk And A Lot About The Law He Dreams Of Being A Great Trial Lawyer, Of A Life In The Courtroom In Theodore Boone Young Lawyer, Theo Finds Himself Dragged Into The Middle Of A Sensational Murder Trial When A Cold Blooded Killer Is About To Be Set Free In Theodore Boone The Abduction, Theo S Best Friend April Disappears From Her Bedroom In The Middle Of The Night As Fear Ripples Through His Small Hometown And The Police Hit Dead Ends, It S Up To Theo To Use His Legal Knowledge And Investigative Skills To Chase Down The Truth And Save April Theodore Boone Never Expected To Be The Victim Of Crime Himself But, In Theodore Boone The Accused, Stolen Computer Equipment Turns Up In Theo S School Locker The Police Start Leaning On Him Hard, And Theo Is The Only Suspect What If He Is Found Guilty What About His Dreams Of Becoming A Lawyer

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    A good and easy book to improve own English The only thing wrong is that you can t copy and paste text to translate, and the dictionary inside isn t easy to understand.

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    I bought these books separately and read them at different times In theory they are meant for teenagers, as the protagonist is a 13 year old schoolboy who dreams of becoming a lawyer and most of the situations can be connected with the middle school he attends However, it is a good read for adults as well, particularly if they are not used to reading in English The language is a bit easier than the one Grisham employs in his regular novels, but don t expect a book for

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    I know it s a kids book series and I have to say the first 3 books were excellent I read the negative reviews before I bought 7 for 3 books, great value and they just don t get it They don t get the subtle humour, the uniqness of a 13 year old running rings around the legal fraternity, out smarting them solving dilemmas crimes by the bucketload They don t see or don t appreciate the clever insight funny dialogue of how a 13 year school kid sees the world around him and his

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    John grisham as always a great story teller But with this series, there is a lot of repeating the second book is a 20 % repeat of the first the 3 ed book is af 30 % repeat og 1 and 2 I have even read the fourth book, andit s a 40 % repeat of number 1,2 and 3 Of course you have to repeat the fundamental, so each book kan be read independently But in this series it way to much

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    Story well told, I would recommend it to anyone at home Theodore Boone is my favourite character cannot wait to read the other two

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    This is a brilliant book and a real bargain You won t regret it if you buy this book I loved it

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