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Things That Go - Planes Edition What Is That You See In The Sky Planes Whether They Are Passenger Or Cargo Planes, They Never Fail To Fill A Child S Mind With Wonder How Do They Fly Where Will They Land With This Picture Book, You Are Giving Your Child The Power To Discover The Answers To These Common Questions Don T Forget To Order A Copy Today

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    My son loves trains He always wants to ride the train at the zoo and after we did the first time he has been obsessed When he saw this app and when I saw it was free when you order it straight to your kindle it was a no brainer The pictures are amazing, clear, realistic, and fun for my son to look at I love being able to teach my son while he is having fun and learning

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    hello, First I would like to say that I purchase these e book samples before I buy due to the fact I have purchased a lot of adult and childrens books that after they came I was very disappointed and ended up donating them after only reading them once Next is that I really like childrens books that teach them something and are still fun My grandchildren are very much into le

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    Young readers age 5 to 9 will especially love the striking pictures in this book The text is mostly simple and easy to understand, but kids may have questions about terms like reciprocating engines, making this a good opportunity for a read aloud moment with a parent My son and I enjoyed reading this book together, and he especially liked learning about the history of the Wright b

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    I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review For those of you who think I have been bought by or the sellers to write something glowingly positive, let me tell you I personally would never endorse a product if I did not truly believe in the quality So if you think that these discounted rate purchase reviews are contrived, those from some ot

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    Good pictures, the wording is alright, definitely for an older target group than intended, but my son was still entertained by the pictures.I received this product for either free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review While I do appreciate the manufacturer allowing me to review their products, I am first, and foremost a consumer that also values reading the rev

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