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TimeRiders: Gates of Rome (Book 5) [Lingua Inglese] Liam O Connor should have died at sea in Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in But all three have been given a second chance to work for an agency that no one knows existsIts purpose to prevent time travel destroying historyProject Exodus a mission to transportAmericans fromto AD to overthrow the Roman Empire has gone catastrophically wrong Half have arrived seventeen years earlier, during the reign of CaligulaLiam goes to investigate, but when Maddy and Sal attempt to flee a kill squad sent to hunt down their field office, all of the TimeRiders become trapped in the Roman past Armed with knowledge of the future, Caligula is now powerful than ever But with the office unmanned and under threat how will the TimeRiders make it back toand put history right Book five in the bestselling TimeRiders series by Alex Scarrow Ancient Rome gets a time travel makeover TimeRiders Book won the Red House Book Award older readers category, and was Penguin UK s first ever number one on the iBookstore time riders

About the Author: Alex Scarrow

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the TimeRiders: Gates of Rome (Book 5) [Lingua Inglese] book, this is one of the most wanted Alex Scarrow author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “TimeRiders: Gates of Rome (Book 5) [Lingua Inglese]

  1. Zulu Warrior Zulu Warrior says:

    This is the 5th book in the series, Maddy, Sal Liam are taken from their time lines at the point of death and recruited by a man known as Foster to help prevent anyone going back in time and changing history, two clones helped, comp Bob was an original clone damaged with his mind downloaded into a computer, in the year 2070 the world faced nuclear war, project Exodus was to send 300 people back in time with modern transport and a number of clones to start againThey arrived Rome AD54 but should have arrived AD37, 150 people and all the children didn t make it, in 2001 a time wave was noticed and Liam and Bob the clone went back to AD54 to mend it, back in 2001 the girls are attacked by soldiers and clones, they quickly jump through to where Liam was, Caligula thinks he is a god, Cato wants to overthrow Cagligula, Caliggula had items left from the original visitor 17yrs earlier, he had Rashid in a cage away from the clones who now obeyed Ceaser, the clones rose up and killled all the time travelers in Rome, Rashim was kept in a cageCaligula rules with the clones as his protectors, many Romans remembered the original visitors so offer to help Liam, Maddie, Sal Bob in correcting time, this would prove to be there hardest task yetBest so far in the series

  2. Mr Smith Mr Smith says:

    My son really likes this series and I m encouraging him to read long novels so I bought him this book and the others in the series I also bought the physical book, to get him used to reading from something other than a screen.I bought a used copy and the condition etc was fine.Be aware that the Timeriders stories are quite violent, with a very high body count and lost of grisly deaths but most childrens novels are these days.As stories go, its an interesting enough time travel sci fi tale, and the kids seen to enjoy it Because its time travel it does require a bit thought than the average novel to follow the story, which is particularly good if you re trying to use the reading to increase concentration and comprehension.

  3. Matt Gadd Matt Gadd says:

    Alex you ve done it again you ve made a perfect book that s great for all people I would suggest 10 ages on reading because of quite violent scenes but apart from that its great for all ages, it ticks all the boxesFunnyCreativeAnd full of tension

  4. Mema Mema says:

    Part of the series I totally recommend this author, and indeed the whole Timeriders series the last book of which was published last year Alex Scarrow has other super books out there too Never heard of him Why not Give him a try I am a great grandmother so he doesn t just appeal to children.

  5. Mr R. Hart Mr R. Hart says:

    Just when I thought it might be getting formulaic but good even so he changes what you re expecting I no longer read the reviews of the next book as they tend to give a clue as to what happens in the previous book Although targeted at teens it is just as good for someone older and father to a teenager.

  6. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    excellent book and arrived fast

  7. mike&kath mike&kath says:

    very good service and very happy with this product

  8. RS reader RS reader says:

    This was a good book I enjoyed it lot and would requirement it to anyone who like the scarrow brothers book.Well worth the money and time.

  9. Busy Bee Busy Bee says:

    Bought for my son, he loved it

  10. rachel hart rachel hart says:

    gripping and facinating the plot is amazing and everything always ends on a cliff hanger so you cant put the book down i have read 6 9 of these booka in 3 days Brilliant

  11. helen helen says:

    Excellent Book, easy to read , great story line keeps you reading and when you ve finished you want , you don t want to put it down

  12. bernie meighan bernie meighan says:

    My boyfriend had bought first book in a charity shop and is now a Scarrow fan He s delighted with this find and also the very prompt delivery

  13. William William says:

    Bought for my 10 year old son He loves it

  14. Gotty Gotty says:

    Great series has you hooked from start to finish

  15. Mr. R. D. Hallsworth Mr. R. D. Hallsworth says:

    Again Another brilliant Time Riders book Why ever do people not make them into films they would be great

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