[Ebook] Titanic: Disaster at Sea Con Philip Wilkinson – Vehikool.co.uk

Titanic: Disaster at Sea Wonderful This is a very informative book Great pictures and info My 5 year old son loves everything about the Titanic and really enjoyed this book. My 8 year old daughter and I spent an hour at the book store, rummaging through the various kids books on the Titanic disaster This one is in a league of its own The perfect blend of images original and illustrations , graphics, and text made my kids 6 and 8 not want to put this down GREAT book. My daughter loves this book Readers Can Experience All The Drama And Tragedy Of The Titanic Inside The Pages Of This Richly Illustrated Narrative That Includes A Pull Out Poster, Double Gatefold Diagram And Minute By Minute Countdown From The Moment Of The Iceberg S Impact To The Arrival Of The Rescue Boats, As Well As Facts, Stories, Drawings And Original Artwork

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