[Leggiing] ➱ Trains, Boats, and Planes ➹ Peter Curry – Vehikool.co.uk

Trains, Boats, and Planes A Cheerfully Illustrated Board Book Of Trains, Boats, And Planes In This Bright And Colorful Board Book, Children Are Introduced To Different Kinds Of Trains, Boats, And Planes With Engaging Illustrations Of Vehicles Including Steam Trains And Express Trains, Sailing Boats And Big Ships, Submarines, Helicopters And Airplanes, And A Spaceship The Illustrations Are Accompanied By Short Identifying Phrases, Which Makes This Book A Perfect Teaching Tool For Parents My 2 yr old asked for a book with planes in it I found this and he was happy He just wanted a plane book with a plane like in Planes He loved it. Really like this book good one must try

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