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What the ladybird heard next This is a really nice book full of wonderful illustrations and silly enough to keep a childs attention Its all about the farm and kids are able to identify farm animals, what happens next and read along with the story They are able to identify what noises each animal makes and there is a nice silly end to the story that means the kids want to go back and read again All in all a very fun book. This is the best book for circa 1 year olds, my daughter has been obsessed with it and the prequel She spots the ladybirds on every page and loves all the animals that you repeatedly have to do the noises for Great for a child growing up in the countryside to teach them animals they will see all the time It s a good storyline for adults to enjoy reading it too, even 5 times a day What the Ladybird Hear is my favourite book amongst those I have read over the years to my 4.5 year old I was excited to see this sequel and Santa bought it for her ready for Christmas morning It is a good book although as with all sequels I personally didn t feel it was as good as the original However, it is nonetheless a worthwhile addition and a lot of the patterns are repeated from the original tale with the animal sounds which is excellent for children. Great follow on book from the first one Bright colours same animals and crims Bought this as child loved the first one so much there is a third to this series so will have to see about getting that as well Good price and quick delivery Although a good board book my toddler is always reading it but think i would have liked it a bit stronger but does the job. Personally I don t rate it as one of Julia s best but my 5yr old adores it We haven t been reading anything else since I bought it She s intrigued by the silent and smart ladybird and find the other animals quite funny. Good ole ladybird Although the story wasn t as original as the first ladybird book my son still loves to read it He likes the Snuggly Snerd If you ve read the first ladybird book the gist is pretty much the same with the second book The two bad men, who clearly haven t gotten the hint that stealing from the same farm again is an idiotic idea, are out to steal the Hen Oh dear, it s a good thing the ladybird is on the case. We loved the sequel too There is so much glitter that we had a blast touching it all We got the hardcover but think the paperback would have been better due to all the glitter which left marks through the pages But you can never have too much glitter Love the team behind this book Once upon a farm lived a ladybird, And these are the things that she saw and heard Those crafty robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are out of jail, and they re heading back to the farm with another cunning plan to cause trouble They ve been stealing eggs from the fat red hen, but now they re setting their sights higher and are planning to steal the fat red hen herself Fortunately the quiet, clever ladybird is on their trail, and she and her farm animal friends have a plan of their own Join the cow, the goose, the horse, the sheep, the cat, and everyone s favourite ladybird in this fantastically funny farmyard caper a much anticipated sequel to the hugely successful What the Ladybird Heard, which has sold over a million copies worldwide Children will love the gorgeously glittery eye catching cover, and spotting the sparkly ladybird on every page With slapstick action, animal noises, and a mysterious Snuggly Snerd bird, What the Ladybird Heard Next is destined to become yet another classic in the Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks collection Praise for What the Ladybird Heard Bursting with colour and verve Daily Telegraph A terrific and witty adventure The Guardian This is a great book, as always, by Julia Donaldson, and with lovely illustrations and glitter patterns by Lydia Monks If you re a fan of the original What the Ladybird Heard then you ll definitely love this it s a lovely tale of the farmyard animals thwarting the thieves with their cunning and with hilarious consequences. Julia Donaldson does it again As with the previous book we absolutely love this story, its a fantastic read that children can easily engage with I like the fact that we could link the two stories in with each other and my little boy was excited to see what happened next, he really thought how the thieves were captured was hilarious Again the illustrations are beautiful.

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