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What Was the Hindenburg? At Feet Long, The Hindenburg Was The Largest Airship Ever Built Just Slightly Smaller Than The Titanic Also Of A Disastrous End, The Zeppelin Burst Into Flame As Spectators Watched It Attempt To Land In Lakehurst, New Jersey On May , In Under A Minute, The Hindenburg Was Gone, People Jumping From Windows To Escape However, Only Of The Crew Members And Passengers Onboard Survived The Exact Cause Of The Disaster Is Still Unknown And Remains A Fascinating Historical Mystery Perfect For This Series

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    This set of non fiction books is perfect for reading with unmotivated readers The topics are interesting, the vocabulary is defined in context and the material is rather riveting because it actually happened I like to use them with children when I tutor.

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    This book was very well written and intriguing for my son He had to come up with ten interesting facts for a class assignment, and the things he related were new and interesting to me and I m an avid reader of this type of history.

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    My children love these books

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    My 6 year old grandson lives this book

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    Wonderful book to read to our 6 year old to teach history in a fun way

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