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Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? I got this because my 5 year old loved the new show on Netflix, but I didn t read close enough to see that this is basically the retelling of the initial part of that story and is way too long for his reading attention span at this point If you have a 7 who likes to read or can sit and listen for longer periods and they like Carmen or the show, this will be a great book for you. My daughter loves this show so I had to get her the books and it s amazing She s 10 years old so this helps her read while enjoying it. having grown up with original Carmen Sandeigo and Waldo I m glad these classic characters have made a come back like Disney Malificent movie this story bring a twist that the villian isn t so bad after all as Carmen shows herself a modern day Robin Hood taking from VILE and returning stolen items back to their rightful owners we learn her back ground and what makes her tick not to mention a whole new look on Acme Agency and Player. Love this showthe new one is different but just as great fun as the old one And this novelization of the show is just the action in the show explained Show book are both very enjoyable Based On The Netflix Original Series With A Foreword By Gina Rodriguez For Decades, People Haveasked The Question Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego But Just Who Is This Infamousand Elusive Globe Trottingcriminal A Skilled Thief On A Mysterious Mission, Carmen Sandiego Is Endlessly Pursued By ACME And Interpol But Thewoman In The Red Fedora Is Always One Step Ahead In Thisnovelization, Based On The Netflix Animated Series, Carmen Shares Her Own Backstory For The First Time Ever Now, Its Time To Find OutWhoin The World Is Carmen Sandiego

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