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Wicked Gods: A Paranormal High School Bully Romance (Gifted Academy Book 1) (English Edition) Nowhere Is Safe When The Gods Are WickedSince The Beginning Of Times, There Has Always Been Two Sides Norms And IdolsBut Never Have The Scales Been So Unbalanced As They Are TodayI M A Norm, Which Means, I Grew Up In Fear Of The Idols And Their Godly PowersAnd Now, I M Going To Be Surrounded By Them, Day And Night I Ve Been Offered A Place At The Prestigious Gifted Academy, An Opportunity Very Few Norms GetTo Survive, I Must Become Invisible But My Hope To Get Through The Academy Unscathed Goes Down The Drain When The Most Powerful Boys In School Set Their Eyes On MeThey Hate Me Simply Because I M A Norm If They Knew Who I Truly Am, They D Tear Me Apart Limb By Limb But I M Done Cowering Away From Idols It S Time For The Norms To Fight Back, And It All Starts With MeWicked Gods Is A Mature Paranormal High School Bully Why Choose Romance

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    Daisy s journey is one of a survivor Her interactions with the four Idols keeps the reader on his her toes Usually, I have some idea where the plot is leading, but this time, I can honestly say I have no clue Michelle created characters that are relatable in their own ways I was a little hesita

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    Wow This book, the story and characters within, was so intriguing Initially, based on the description, and the fact that it was an academy for Gods or God like , I was concerned that this would be similar to some of my most loved RH books However, it did not take long to realize that this is a completely

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    I ve never been upset that I didn t wait until books were released before starting a series as glorious as this one Y all, where to start This story takes off so fast The characters are layered, the story is wel fleshed our and there are twist and turns you won t see coming.The guys are hot and cold, from wantin

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    Wow, this bully romance certainly kicked some serious butt I couldn t put the book down It hat me sitting on the edge of my set with bouncing knee.I can t believe I have to wait for book two Bookhangover, here I come.

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    I am still reeling the amount of twists and turns had me on the edge of my bed and glued to every page I have so many questions I cant wait to unlock the answers to in the next book Extremely well written and awesome characters I m still trying to unravel the mysteries behind each and am super excited to see what else is in store

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